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I downloaded one of the data dumps that someone had posted an parsed it for variable names from the name=value pairs. So hopefully, I've got the full collection of the names provided by the itemdata information. As far as values are concerned, I have yet to find decent documentation on what constants are associated with the numbers provided. For example, allowableRaces seems to be associated with an array of values. But what do those values represent? It's not that I need it for my purposes, I'm just OCD. Does anyone know of any documentation on associating these values?

Anyway, here is a list of variable names associated with the itemdata if anyone else needs them. FORMAT: name of variable | structure

items /
sellPrice /items/
itemSource /items/
sourceType /items/itemSource/
sourceId /items/itemSource/
itemSpells /items/
trigger /items/itemSpells/
consumable /items/itemSpells/
categoryId /items/itemSpells/
spellId /items/itemSpells/
nCharges /items/itemSpells/
spell /items/itemSpells/
id /items/itemSpells/spell/
icon /items/itemSpells/spell/
castTime /items/itemSpells/spell/
description /items/itemSpells/spell/
name /items/itemSpells/spell/
range /items/itemSpells/spell/
powerCost /items/itemSpells/spell/
subtext /items/itemSpells/spell/
armor /items/
id /items/
requiredLevel /items/
itemClass /items/
inventoryType /items/
description /items/
nameDescription /items/
requiredSkill /items/
name /items/
baseArmor /items/
maxCount /items/
maxDurability /items/
icon /items/
equippable /items/
minReputation /items/
containerSlots /items/
isAuctionable /items/
requiredSkillRank /items/
weaponInfo /items/

dps /items/weaponInfo/
weaponSpeed /items/weaponInfo/
damage /items/weaponInfo/
min /items/weaponInfo/damage/
max /items/weaponInfo/damage/
minFactionId /items/
itemSubClass /items/
itemBind /items/
displayInfoId /items/
quality /items/
buyPrice /items/
bonusStats /items/
amount /items/bonusStats/
reforged /items/bonusStats/
stat /items/bonusStats/
hasSockets /items/
itemLevel /items/
stackable /items/
disenchantingSkillRank /items/
allowableRaces /items/
requiredAbility /items/
description /items/requiredAbility/
name /items/requiredAbility/
spellId /items/requiredAbility/
nameDescriptionColor /items/
allowableClasses /items/
allowableRaces /items/
itemSet /items/
id /items/itemSet/
items /items/itemSet/
name /items/itemSet/
setBonuses /items/itemSet/
description /items/itemSet/setBonuses/
threshold /items/itemSet/setBonuses/
boundZone /items/
id /items/boundZone/
name /items/boundZone/
socketInfo /items/
sockets /items/socketInfo/
type /items/socketInfo/sockets/
socketBonus /items/socketInfo/
gemInfo /items/
bonus /items/gemInfo/
minLevel /items/gemInfo/bonus/
name /items/gemInfo/bonus/
requiredSkillRank /items/gemInfo/bonus/
itemLevel /items/gemInfo/bonus/
requiredSkillId /items/gemInfo/bonus/
srcItemId /items/gemInfo/bonus/
type /items/gemInfo/
type /items/gemInfo/type/
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