Dailies as a priest

90 Human Priest
I was just curious how others addressed this. I have to have both disc and holy specs for my raid group(switching depending on fight). This makes doing dailies a pain. I either have to respec every day, or just quest as disc which is a pain. What are other priests in a similar circumstance doing? Are you guys constantly respeccing like i am? Or are you just sticking it out with disc, or holy dps. If you do respec do you use an addon that makes constant action bar spell changing easier?
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100 Gnome Priest
Perhaps just pick either Holy or Disc as your one raiding spec and make the OS Shadow. :)
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100 Human Priest
That OR do dailies with a friend. Since I started dailies with 1-2 people from the guild OR someone on the server, I find they are much more manageable. It cuts the time by 70 percent or more.
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100 Draenei Priest
I had to take shadow for questing. I would like to be disc/holy but I don't want to flip it around constantly to get things done on my own before and after raid nights. The mobs have super high HP to consider killing stuff at disc. It can be done but gosh NO THANKS.
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90 Night Elf Priest
Really? I quest as discp and raid as holy.....cascade ftw
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90 Human Priest
I quested as disc for a while, and yea the health pools are huge. Not to mention there is no alternate way to get rep for healers, GG blizz. People argue that that is what dual spec is for, but not everyone has room to have a designated spec for just questing. People have pve/pvp heal specs. Holy/disc, things like that. And despite blizzard saying that doing dailies isn't mandatory, lets be real, if you are even a somewhat serious raider they are most def mandatory. Doing dailies with a friend seems like a great idea.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
I just got this: http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=7411

But then I've always been shadow. I thought Disc priests hit hard and can kill things no problem. Back in BC, one friend had to raid heal then farm - back when you had to pay for respecs. He grind'd Netherwing rep mostly as Disc. He was also crazy.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
11/20/2012 01:32 AMPosted by Ronfår
I was just curious how others addressed this. I have to have both disc and holy specs for my raid group(switching depending on fight). This makes doing dailies a pain. I either have to respec every day, or just quest as disc which is a pain. What are other priests in a similar circumstance doing? Are you guys constantly respeccing like i am? Or are you just sticking it out with disc, or holy dps. If you do respec do you use an addon that makes constant action bar spell changing easier?

I stick with Disc DPS mostly. Yes, it means things take longer, but you can see how much grinding I've done to get my current gear. And yes, I have the Achievement for doing the Shado Pan Dailies as a solo. I think I died six or seven times on the Elites in the far mantid island.

The bigger problem is that dailies in this gear isn't too bad, but I have to wear my PvP gear to even have a chance to at least make a decent attempt at running away from those that want to fight.

And well, you'll never be able to down a rare NPC. It's pretty impossible against anything that requires an interrupt.

But I still do it. I prefer Holy / Disc to Shadow. I did Shadow for one week, was pulling 56K DPS on Sha in my 376 off piece gear (thanks to my bad luck in winning gear). I didn't realize that I should have set my role to healer anyway (since we had 13 healers in the group), so I won the Shadow Tier gloves. /facepalm

I swear I'm going to go Shadow just for PvP. I just hate the idea of giving up a healing spec.
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100 Goblin Priest
I quest as Disc and it's fine. I have no real comparison (as to how fast or slow I'm going) because I haven't played shadow since 3.2.
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100 Pandaren Priest
I go disc for dailies, just make sure you are considering more offensive skills though.

Use SW:P and SW:D.

Use Inner Fire.

Don't be afraid to pop Mindbender and Power Infusion offensively. Especially since both have relatively short cooldowns, they're up a lot.

You should have HF and Smite glyphed.

I use Cascade on groups. It doesn't always do a ton, but helps out so why not.
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100 Pandaren Priest
I levelled from 85 to 90 as disc. It's completely do-able. It does take a little longer but you can heal yourself very well, so no real risk of death. I was also able to kill rare mobs at level (but nothing that needed interupts as Feythylan said).
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100 Draenei Priest
I've done all my dailies as disc (and that includes exalted with both klaxxi and golden lotus and revered with the others). It's a bit slow and I do whine sometimes. . . but it's not horribly unbearable. A couple things:

1) mindbender is your absolute best friend. This allows shadow fiend to be up every other mob or so and significantly reduces the time it takes to kill a mob (and as Kerias said, don't be afraid to use power infusion on cooldown as well).

2) I also prefer to glyph holy nova. (Yeah, it's low damage but it's still an aoe that can be used once your lvl 90 aoe is on cd).

3) I love the klaxxi buff that does the explosion at 8 debuffs. (Each tick of penance counts as one stack, divine star going and coming back is 2 stacks, sw:p is one stack, and either holy fire or holy nova for the final stack).
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90 Night Elf Priest
I leveled from 85-90 as Discipline (via 100% questing, including all quests in Dread Waste) and it was fine, even in the green quest gear. I simply reforged Mastery into Spirit or Crit/Haste as needed. It is noticeably better than other heal-specs from other classes, for all-purpose "hybrid" dps/heal solo/quest play (in my opinion) - in terms of both general feel and performance. Just be sure to pick the right glyphs for solo play (Holy Fire, Smite, Reflective Shield), and use the right rotations to capitalize on your toolkit.

Since I can't stand the way Shadow plays now, and absolutely hate the lame Shadow Apparitions visual, I plan to stay Discipline for my 90 questing efforts (or alternate with Holy if it feels better after 5.1 patch).
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90 Human Priest
I levelled as Dis, but regretted it. Moving through the treacle matrix ruined the questing for me tbh. Do-able. But sooo slow. So I went with the twice daily respec of Holy to Shadow for the dailies grind. My kill rate as shadow was a great deal faster and the cost of the respec trivial.

An addon like ovale can help to re-assimilate the dps spec/binds if you, like me, hadn't played shadow for some time. (Although I didn't find it took long to learn to ride the bike again).

As for the bars/binds, sorry can't help you there. I went looking, but in the end gave up and just went with an old fashioned pencil and paper approach for the first week. After that the talent/glyph/keybind change was pretty much second nature and only took a minute or so.

Tbh it was also nice just to touch base with shadow again, even if I'll never be a serious dpser.

Unlike Xanadu, I do find it fun. Hitting big numbers (just for a change) can still make me smile a little. I may even make my other priest full time shadow again in this xpac :P.
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90 Draenei Priest
I have always had this character as holy or disc except for very small periods of time trying out shadow. When I finally reached 90, I figured I'd give it one more go and was blown away at the sheer survivability and dps output of shadow, even when I didn't reforge all my gear for it.

The difference between disc soloing (which used to be my M.O.) and shadow soloing is like night and day. I can take down groups of 10-12 lvl 90 mobs (the kind we encounter in said dailies) with little to no hassle, maintaining dots on all of them and focusing down 2 or 3 at a time with procs. I might have to pop desperate prayer or renew/sheild, but by the next time I need those spells, they're available with a comfortable margin.

I'm probably going to switch my heal spec to disc, but keep my shadow spec. My viability as a dps for raids where needed is a very pleasant surprise, and I fully intend to perfect it as much as I study my healing specs.
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Add me to the list of those who level in Disc. Atonement makes it REAL hard to die. Fights take about twice as long, but that's not all that much. Plus, it gets you used to Atonement healing in groups, which works far better than some people give it credit for; you just have to be used to the mentality of healing the good guys by hurting the bad guys, and leveling in Disc makes that second nature (or even first nature!).

Now, the idea of leveling in my OS Holy gives me shivers. I tried it for about 5 minutes in Mists (which is about how long it took to kill one mob!). MAYBE with the changes coming to Chakra Chastise in 5.1 it will be doable, but definitely NOT now!
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90 Troll Priest
Yeah I've only ever quested as a disc priest. Questing as disc is more than viable.

Kerias who posted above covers pretty much everything.
Never underestimate SW:P.
Mindbender is mandatory if you want to seriously dps.
As is PI; and if you're really crazy you can reroll troll and get the berserking racial ;)
Penance is a beast now.
Glyph Smite, Holyfire and Inner fire.
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90 Human Priest
I hate shadow. But Disc for quests was too slow for me. So I have a shadow spec that I use for all questing, except in Dread Wastes, where the Klaxxi bonuses make up for it, and probably with Shado Pan I will be willing to stay Disc as well when I get there.

Sucks too, cause I refuse to dungeon as Shadow, so cannot queue for my daily dungeons until after I do all my quests. Fortunately healers queue pretty fast.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Questing as disc is fun. You can pull like 4 mobs and not die. Void tendrils help greatly.
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