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Eminent is recruiting for select healer and dps roles for our 10 man progression group. Currently we have stunted raiding until after New Years to allow for the Holiday Season but we have a couple spots becoming available after New Years hits.

Eminent, a 10 Man Alliance Guild, on Icecrown (obv.) - have been raiding for roughly 1-2 months, so we are very new to the Icecrown scene as a guild. As quite a few of us were server transfers here and we are a core of friends that know each other IRL, we decided to brave the 10 man Scene. In the tiny bit of time we have raided, we have had a revolving door of 1-2 people that were carried sometimes and were helpful other times - yet we have managed very well. We are currently 6/6 in MSV, with the 1st Heroic Fight down as well (1H/6), and we are 4/6 in HoF. Terrace is one of our next targets, as well as pushing through Heroics and finishing up Heart of Fear.

We pride ourselves on being much lower on attempts made on fights versus kills. We strive for 1/3 the wipes other guilds make and use worldoflogs, min/maxing/, videos of fights, and being ready ahead of time to accomplish these goals.

Currently, we would be best served with a specific set of people. The specs we are looking for are:

1 Healer (of exceptional quality)
1 DPS (of exceptional quality)

Shaman Healer
Druid (Resto with Boomkin OS)
DK DPS (Unholy/Frost Combo most requested)
Ret Paly

However, all exceptional applicants are encouraged to apply, despite groups' current needs.

-- We are a hardcore raiding guild. Although we only use 6-9 hours per week to raid, we strive to kill that of guilds pushing the same content. Because of this, raid times are raid times. Be prepared. Have the videos watched. Know what can go wrong and what to do to fix it. Be prepared for dances/dodges/movement in fights without having to be told and most of all -- Don't stand in fire.

We also focus on raising each members' heals and dps by using WorldofLogs, helping you to min/max, Askmrrobot, and any other tools we have available to us. Obviously there are going to be better players than yourselves -- and if you are not ready to accept this and use tools as such to make strive to make yourself better, this is not the guild for you.

We do not yell in raid and do not wish for you to either, so leave the attitudes at the door. If we ask for a change in strategy/spec etc - we look at the fights as group fights with the common goal of always killing the next boss as best we can.

Raid times: (We expect people to be ready 15 minutes prior to raid, so that 11 server is not only our start time, but also the time of our first pull.) We do not allow time between fights to re-gear or reforge, as our raid times are precious and there is time before and after raids.

Tuesdays: 10 server
Thursdays: 10 server
Mondays: 10 server (this night is not always used.)

We run a tight 10 man team, with 1-2 people that we have available to us as subs here and there, but we currently are only looking for people with 100% attendance.

For questions, ask anyone in Eminent or whisper Denmlock, Derpenner, or Fvk or Korrun.



We are currently ALSO recruiting for our alt run - for those who would like to get some progress and still get further into the reaches of raiding. These will begin this week and will begin we would assume at 4/6 MSV and 1/6 HoF - with the possibility of Elegon + depending on our work.

Currently we are recruiting

1 Exceptional Tank
1 Tank (or DPS) with OS to correlate.

2-3 Exceptional DPS

Classes Preferred:

For more questions, ask someone in Eminent or get with Guild Officers.
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Updated to reflect current needs and progress.
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Current needs of dps have been edited to compensate for guild needs. Kills updated as well.
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Bumpty Bump
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Current needs of the guild have been re-posted. Also, note, we are pushing for a recruitment series up until New Years. We will be slightly remodeling home until then and taking time for the holidays.
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