Developing Multi-Guild Events for the realm

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As a guild leader of a social/leveling guild... one that is a little quiet recently... I'd like to make contact with other leaders experiencing the same situation.

We have some great guild event ideas, and they definitely are "the more the merrier" sort of events. They aren't raids or dungeons... but fun events in the world with prizes or gold for winners and participants alike. We've done scavenger hunts with cool prizes or gold rewards, escort trips, gnome runs, darts, and more.

People throughout the realm are experiencing quiet guild chats, low attendance activities if there are any on their calendars at all. If we could collaborate, we can serve our loyal and active members, not to mention have more fun ourselves.

I'd love to exchange thoughts with other creative minded guild leaders. We could really change the feel and fun level of this realm if we work together. AND, we'll lessen the tedium for each other by working together. Many responsibilities fall back on the guild leader and we can't do it all.

Send me an in-game mail.
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Let's start this with a server brawl!

Find a date and time, post it on the server and, pvp flaggued, wait just outside Orgrimmar!

We'll finish this by sharing a beer keg :-)
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Contact me in game (Katiekisses) if you are interesting in collaborating guild events for Alliance.
Xhor, I am interested in doing multiple guild faction wars. We RBG Wednesday nights so outside of that we are available.
Perhaps we could go at it on a Thursday night around 8 PM server?
Let us know how many you plan to bring so I can rally up some people on the Alliance faction. Perhaps we can do it in Halaa for the token drops?
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While not a leader in my guild, this could be fun.

Maybe one way to make it easier to communicate throughout guilds would be to have an open channel people could join? It's a thing one of my old social guilds used to do on my other server, and at times we had 20+ people chatting.

I'd love to try and setup various things too, including RBGs, arenas, raiding, ect
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Ah, an open channel would work. Do you think you could set one up, Grissym? That would make it a lot easier.
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Created one. Just do /join allyevents.

Whoever can add me on realid, since I spend quite a bit of time on my other server. It's Grissym#1362.
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