Are there more healers in the game now?

90 Tauren Druid
Seems like que times have gone up alot ive had 21 min at times last few days, my tank(lvl64) is always less than 1 min.
granted im new to healing mostly only healed on holy priest up to 83 but is this normal or do we have an influx of healers?
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90 Human Paladin
As of late I have not had a queue time over 6 minutes. Not sure what you are queueing for or on what server but I rolled a Healdin for that fact alone. Never wanted to tank so second best interms of queue time is a Healer.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
Well it's back to Wrath levels of difficulty/frustration in Heroics so people are willing to heal again. Who wanted to heal a PuG in Cata until the Twilight Heroics were released?

Heroics at 85 (think Grim Batol) were long and painful and when combined with the Healer changes in Cata were zero fun if you were a healer. Then the Troll Heroics upped the PuG healer pain even more. Now that Heroics are back to yawn fests healing is actually the easiest roll to pick in many ways and people still think they'll get a quick queue.
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90 Draenei Priest
I think anything prior 90 is super slow. I have an 85 horde priest and I have to wait like 10-15 mins and a 64 alliance rdruid and it can vary between almost instant and 20 mins too.
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100 Night Elf Priest
There are still same amount of healers ----- The tanks are the limiting factor once again

Every expac all the tanks become DPS and it takes forever to get them back to tanking again
Like healing there is no boasting / glory (can you say "recount"?) in tanking. Why we have an over abundance of plate wearing melee that wanna AoE everything (since melee AoE was never nerfed like RDPS was)
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