The weather outside is cold, perhaps you should have a seat by my Hearth, were you can cozy on up. That’s right, rest your shield and make yourself comfortable.

Hi, Terasel here for Id Crit That.

Do you find yourself traveling alone this holiday season? Have you been looking to find a group of like minded individuals to share your journey with?

I to found my travels to be lonely until Id Crit That came into my life, and today, I want to share that feeling with you, your asking yourself, why should I join your guild.

It's simple really, you are not just another number on a roster, nor are you that 'new healer' that was needed to fill a raid spot, instead you are a person, trying to have fun playing your interwebz in the pursuit of having a good time, that’s how we see you, and, more importantly we want to have fun with you on the interwebz as well.

So grab some eggnog, settle in and lets have at it.
Id Crit That is a social leveling guild looking to bring more people into our family, contact a member in game and join now.