5.1 LFR queue change?

90 Human Warrior
11/30/2012 07:55 AMPosted by Sarabande
When they say "prioritize" does that mean "guaranteed?

In Cata it was 'prioritize' but in MoP I'm pretty sure its 'guarantee.' It was one of the changes that came to lfr with MoP. Unfortunately, no I cannot remember where I read this. I won't even claim it was blue. While I think it was, I'm not positive enough to claim it. So take my info for whatever you think its worth.

But I do believe now in MoP completing a partial run guarantees you'll get que'd to the bosses you need.
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85 Dwarf Paladin
11/29/2012 04:14 PMPosted by Cruciarius
I work, unlike some people who I know play WoW. I pay my own monthly fee. Not saying anyone here doesn't though. That said, my job is tiring. I would like to spend my time on WoW with only "needing" to do a few queues into LFR. When it pops, I'd like to see the progression. Yes, killing the last boss more than once does reward with "extra VP". Although I do use the VP, I would prefer only downing each boss once. Then I can spend my weekend or days off running scenarios for the 100 completed achievement (only work on this when I'm not VP capped) or other content, which also gives me VP.

I feel the same way. I work full time and take care of some family members.
All that said, if the boss you want is not the first one in the raid, then without the change they put in to the system, you will get more people dropping your raid group and repeat doing so, and you will spend less time getting a chance at the drop you want.
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90 Human Priest
11/29/2012 10:57 AMPosted by Khahan
Last night I spent around 20 mins in queue for Heart of Fear 1st half. Something I wanted a full clear with. Instead I got put into a group on the last boss. If I had seen that prior to entering, I'd leave queue and re-enter queue.

Ok, walk thru this very carefully.

You just sat thru a 20min que and you get the last boss only. You would rather not take it and sit thru another 20 min que where you might get the last boss again over taking that que, doing the last boss which takes X amount of time, getting your VP and chance at gear t hen reque'ing and getting a guaranteed fresh run where you do the first 2 bosses with a chance at gear?

Again, lets say the que time is 20 mins. Lets say each boss plus trash takes 10 mins. Thats 50 mins for a fresh run the first time.

If you don't get a fresh run the first time, its a 20 min que, then 10 mins for the last boss. Then a 20 min que and 20 mins for the first 2 bosses. Net time 70 mins.

If you don't get a fresh run the first time, you drop que, reque, for 20 mins then spend 30 mins in the raid for a net time of 70 mins MAYBE. You still might not get a fresh run which means if you keep re-queing for a fresh run you are extending your overall time more and more and more.

Just take the partial run, re-que and get the guaranteed fresh run. That is the surest bet if you don't get lucky and get a fresh run your first time.

As for the request to get 'fresh run only' good luck with that. You get your fresh run, down the first boss and people start leaving for various reasons. Somehow you power thru the 2nd boss and get to the third where more people have left. And nobody is joining your group because they all have 'fresh run option' turned on. So now you are stuck in a run that will never finish. There's no point dropping and re-que'ing because the same t hing will happen in that next run, too.

You are leaving out, that I can do dailies/quest, or even play the auction house while I am waiting for my fresh run. So that time is not wasted, it is used wisely. Killing bosses I can get no loot or valor from is wasting my time.
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
Loving it hate cherry pickers, but plz plz raise the valor cap it's desperately needs to be a minimum of double what is I love this game but your slowing me down for no reason . Btw buff rogues we suck
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90 Undead Warlock
I've been running every raid finder every week since the patch. Still seeing people leave as soon as they enter, after they complain about not being at the boss they wanted or it being a fresh run. So I'm sure this LFR queue pop change has decreased the people who decline, people still leave the raid causing others to wait. So the change really hasn't fixed anything.
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