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Adrenaline of Shadowsong: We're recruiting new members to round out our roster for continued raiding.

Adrenaline is a close-knit alliance 10-man raiding guild on Shadowsong. We formed at the beginning of the Lich King Expansion and we've proven to be a strong and stable guild since that time. We're dedicated to progressing through all current and future raid content, as we have in the past. We welcome anyone wishing to be a part of our success to apply.

We are currently recruiting select roles to fill out our 10man roster.

* Death Knights - Open
* Druid - Open
* Hunter - Open
* Mage - Open
* Paladin - Open
* Priest - Open
* Rogue - Open
* Shaman - Elemental,Resto
* Warlock - Open
* Warrior - Open
* Monk- Open
All applications will be reviewed.

Our raid times are 11:30PM to 2:00AM PST on Tuesdays, Thursday and Sundays (Server time).
For the Australians, that's 5:30PM to 8:00PM AEST (QLD) and 8:30pm - 11pm NZDT for Kiwis (note the times are earlier in the southern hemisphere winter)

Our Goals:
- We have established ourselves as a guild clearing all content that Blizzard has provided for us. Our aim is to continue to do so.
- Keep our current feel of our guild. This means no drama or things that should not find a place in our guild. There is also the aspect of the current tight knit feel of our raid team. We hope new members will slip into this as well.

What we want from you:
- To help be a part of the team that helps us achieve our goals.
- Be completely ready for raids when they are scheduled.
- Know your class. Do research. Be an example.
- Know encounters and do not expect an explanation.
- Attendance. Attendance. Attendance. Please show up.
- Notify the guild of an upcoming absence to the best of your ability.

Please go to: to apply.
-If you have further questions you can post on our public forums on the above website or contact an officer in-game on the Shadowsong realm.
-Guild Leader: Doomsword
-SGT. At Arms: Drosc
-Officer: Ddevil
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