Hey guys.....I'm xferring to your lovely realm, but some lowbie has my name and I absolutely hate alt codes in names.....so if you have a level 5 belf mage named Seressa.....could you please part ways with it....that would be super sweet and I would give you some gold for the trouble :)

*Inb4 I already talked to a GM and the account is active and can't give it to me.*

My warrior has been Seressa since created in Wrath...I mean if I changed her name I would also have to change my twitch account, my open raid friends would not be able to find me and then there would be that awkward moment when new friends would call me by my new name, but everyone else would call me Seressa.

Plus my battletag is Seressa#1450...I mean come on.....ditch the name so the real Seressa carry on her legacy!!