12/04/2012 10:09 AMPosted by Mithoniel
and BANG nerf to Enveloping Mist by 32% (yeah our 4 piece set t14 increase Enveloping Mist heal by 5%... yeah nice set to have now, only 27% nerf is cool...yeah...its easy to get 4 pieces so...very nice)

They saw "hey MW are doing too good on Tsulong because there and only there does EM not turn into a overhealing fest - Let's nerf EM".

For the same reason that they've overnerfed most of our aoe toolkit based on Garalon and garalon-like encounters. They made a new healing class with very different mechanics but designed encounters without considering how the said mechanics would affect our healing. It made us too strong in a few scenarios, the above two are the super obvious. Now EM is just god awful. As it stands, unless I know that my cohealer paladin won't be able to heal a given target, I simply dodge EM as it almost always turns out into mostly overhealing.

It's fine though, eventually they'll just buff healing spheres even more and we'll be spamming that all day everyday even through aoe periods just because it's fun and all to have to play with stupid friendly plates up in a PvE environment in order to help figure exactly where to drop the sphere

It's become bad to the point where I'd rather run 1.5 Chi Wave or even Zen Sphere for single target over EM but neither is truly viable option because of the 8s cd/one-target cap(for the hot).
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