Just how low is Cairne Horde population?

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Because Cairne Horde-side has the saddest AH I've seen on any of my servers. When my human rogue on WrA hit 90, she was immediately able to go to the AH and purchase a complete 8-piece set of the crafted PvP leather, for a reasonable price. I've had similar experiences with all of my max-level toons on other servers, when they hit level 80 and 85 during the relevant expansions. But this character on Cairne hit 90 way too quickly, just by questing (dinged in Zuchin Village in northern Kun-Lai) thanks to guild XP perks + the Wicker Man bonus from Hallow's End, resulting in being severely undergeared for basic level 90 content (i.e. dailies). "Undergeared" as in "this is taking entirely too long to kill a single level 90 mob in the Vale". I am embarrassed that my level 90 paladin has 20,000 fewer hit points than my level 90 rogue.

I took Donoma to the Cairne Horde AH, and could not put her in a full suit of "starter" level 90 (or even level 89) gear for any price. Seriously, there seem to be almost no blacksmiths making the crafted PvP plate, and the ones that are seem to be making only the healing versions - I've been checking the AH for three days since dinging 90 and I've only found four lousy pieces of the DPS PvP plate. And even the BoP greens top out at "requires level 87". It was the same story when this toon hit 80 in Wrath and 85 in Cataclysm.
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While leveling a new toon just about the time MoP dropped I talked to someone who said they were Horde and were switching over for the expansion. Evidently this was a common sentiment among his guild and they were all switching over (the hard way by leveling new toons).

I know your pain as well as I have a couple of Horde toons when I need a vacation from the Alliance's...character both in Trade and PVP. Can't seem to find anything on the AH that is in decent volume or gear that is priced fairly. My new toon was using the starter boots from the starting zone until I got tired of waiting for the AH to post anything and went and bought the white merchant boots. They are near level 30 and last I checked the only gear for that slot was some blue thing for near 500g. I'll stick to the tennis shoes and just work around the rest the hard way if that is the nature of the Cairne Horde AH.

I'll be interested in any results from this.
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Your first mistake was going to the auction house instead of seeking out The Peoples Champion (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6713481925) who also happens to be Realm First and Realm Best blacksmith.
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11/21/2012 01:35 PMPosted by Elexy
I know your pain as well as I have a couple of Horde toons when I need a vacation from the Alliance's...character both in Trade and PVP.

Heh - you appear to be confirming something I was wondering about. My longtime "main" Alliance server has been Lightbringer, which is in the same battlegroup as Cairne. And now with CRZ, it seems that almost every time I'm on Lightbringer lately and see somebody being an !@#$%^ in Trade or General, it's somebody from Cairne.

Anyway, Donoma here managed to find a fifth piece of the crafted DPS PvP plate, and a BS guildmate kindly made her a Masterwork Spiritblade Decimator and some Masterwork Spiritguard Bracers. The bracers are tank gear, but still a big improvement over the 429 green bracers she had been wearing.
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