I might xfer here

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Should I?!

I'm getting out of the PvP scene and starting to get back into raiding. I'm planning on just healing heroics and raids once I get to cap (which will be shortly). So basically what I need to know is if there are guilds here that are pretty casual and like to @%%*##%# around but still raid and are pretty active. I'd rather not xfer here if this is a dead server or one filled with douche bag guilds ya know? Also I'm not willing to faction transfer, the Horde is where my heart is <3
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I personally wouldn't come to Llane, people are transforming off it or going to alliance.
If you want a very active server that is PVE try Area 52.
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I came from Stormscale, a PvP realm with better progression, and I like this realm much better. It's far less elitist and more friendly than most larger realms but less active than most other realms Horde side since there is an Alliance majority. It is by no means dead, however. I came for a specific guild, though. I don't recommend server transferring unless you have a guild to come to since it costs extra money so I would do some research so you can make a more informed decision. If you don't know anyone and want to take your chances, I wouldn't recommend transferring to this realm and you should instead try a higher population realm with a Horde majority.

As a transfer to another transfer, I recommend you take the route I did and stalk guild recruitment forums on battle.net, reddit, what have you. Rolling an alt on the destination server by itself isn't enough to give you its full flavor imo, that should only be one of the parts. I didn't like my first realm and it feels really crappy to make a throw in the dark if it doesn't work out. I know what it's like to be alone surrounded by elitists....the game is a social one and it really makes it not fun. There's plenty of casual guilds out there recruiting so don't feel that you need an extensive raid resume. Sorry if this seems long-winded, but a server transfer is expensive even if you're only moving one or two toons. I hope my advice helps and best of luck.
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It's a pretty dead realm, even on the Alliance...
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