Blood Crusade is a stable 6 year old level 25 guild. We are a mature casual raiding guild. We want everyone to have fun and enjoy the game. We're a relaxed, kicked back bunch that enjoys working as a team and raiding.
We have found when MoP came around we lost many of our core group to not returning. It's been ever so hard to find people that will commit.

Raid Times: Sat and Sun 6:30 - 9+ pm (CT)

In need of:
1 non druid tank
1 ele shammy or lock

We do require an ilvl of 465 to raid. Know your class and spec. Sign up weekly or monthly for raids.

Future goals are to get this core group going and making room for possibly for a second group down the road.
All classes and levels are welcome to join. We do have all the perks and guild repairs. Just stop in and see if we're something that might fit for you. Please use in game mail or whisp Rasbeary or Zanadora with any questions you may have. Thank you