Priest or Shaman

90 Undead Warrior
Looking to get an alt to 90 and wanting it to be a healer. I will be doing about 75% PvP and 25% PvE. I understand/see that currently Priests are near the bottom for healer quality and Shamans are near the top, just wondering in the long run which will be more fun/overall is a better healing experience?

Thanks all in advance
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90 Orc Warlock
even though i haven't played priest since ICC days what i can say is that they are fun because they are like rogues but for healing...they have an ability for like any situation just look at their ability toolbelt plus you have 2 healing specs to choose from if you ever get tired of ones playstyle....although i know they are botom of the charts i don't know if that effects the fun.

shaman is pretty much...well, a shaman. totems, earth shield, riptide, healing rain and your main healing spells (generalisation of shaman healing) its really not more complicated than that imo
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90 Undead Warrior
yea I have one other 90 already which is rogue and is one of my favorite classes, which is like you said playing a priest seems like it would compare to that sort of "play style" in a way. So far i am definitely leaning towards priest but i don't want to count shaman out. Although i'm not going to lie i never liked the whole totem mechanics that much even though they are very powerful.
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90 Undead Priest
lol do not roll a priest for pvp were !@#$ing awful. we have buffs coming but we suffer serious mechanics issues plus shamans are doing the best atm
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90 Troll Druid
Shadow is pretty good for pvp.
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90 Undead Warrior
Yea i understand priests are in a bad spot right now, but imo they have been decent in the past. and like Prall said shadow is in a good spot for pvp, and I know i will want to do some dps pvp the odd time which is hwy i see priest being the better choice overall.
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I enjoy both personally, holy/resto healer toons. Resto is more powerful atm though.
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50 Human Priest
Level both.
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90 Human Priest
I have both. If you want to heal in PvP, go Shaman. No Contest. It will likely be like that through the expansion. You will not enjoy being a Priest healer in PvP.

PvP DPS, Shadow by far.

PvE, I like my priest MUCH more, but both perform well.

If you are rolling a brand new toon, I suggest Druid.
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100 Undead Priest
For healing, you will be very frustrated by your priest (at least in 5.0, tho I have no reason to believe anything will change in 5.1) in PvP.

If you plan to do mostly PvP, then avoid priest. They have survivability and mana longevity issues that are largely keeping them out of the more competitive circles in PvP.
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For random battle grounds Disc is still okay, don't expect god mode though. You need to be on your toes constantly. Holy still lacks damage reduction cooldowns for heavy burst situations and is far too reactive for PvP for my liking.

If you really want a taste of healing, and only healing then I suggest Priest as you can experience both reactive and preventative healing styles on the same toon. Plus if you get bored of healing, Shadow is in a great place right now (possibly the best its been since Wrath).
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