***IMPORTANT NOTE: Thank you for your interest. Vanquished Chaos has unfortunately decided to close its doors, however, due to the Guild Leaders cancelling their WoW subscriptions. Please check out Renewed Hope (another Christian guild on the Alexstrasza server with some great people) instead.***


<Vanquished Chaos> is a level 25 casual Christian-based guild with a progression raiding style, looking for people of all ages who are seeking out a family-friendly environment in which to enjoy everything that WoW has to offer. We encompass all aspects of the game in a pleasant environment free of harassment, condemnation, rudeness, and selfishness. This guild is not about people who are only interested in helping themselves, but about everyone looking out for each other and working together like a family.

If you are interested in our guild, please feel free to check out our website at http://vanquishedchaos.guildlaunch.com, or send me or Kidori an in-game whisper. We would be happy to answer any questions you have.

For a brief overview of who we are and what our guild is like, please see below. A full list of our Guild Rules, Guild Structure, Guild Overview/General Information, etc, can be found at our website under Forums > Guild Information. (A direct link is also available on the front page description)

Attributes of the Guild:
To be a friendly, fun, Christian-based guild that enjoys all aspects of the game and keeps God and people above everything else.
To have a place for fellowship among other Christians, and to give friendly players a chance to experience raids and other fun content without all the stress, drama, and harassment.
Just as it takes everyone in a raid to be successful, so does a guild. One person alone cannot achieve that, it’s an effort of all.
Everyone looking out for each other. No one left forgotten or alone. All are equal. We are not here just for ourselves, but for each other.
"Life before game, friends before fame."

"Christian-based" and what that means:
While we do accept others seeking a polite and friendly guild environment, we are a Christian based guild. This means that we implement Christian principles and morals and will occasionally talk about Christian things. We do not believe in condemning others, turning this guild into a church, or trying to convert everyone that joins. We believe in inspiring others by example and creating an environment that is suitable to Christian living and gives us a place where we can enjoy the game while not setting aside our morals and beliefs.

Why "Christian-based" and not simply "Christian?"
Because we feel labeling ourselves as a 'Christian' guild means that only Christians are welcome, and we would rather open our doors to anyone seeking out a family-friendly environment filled with people who care about others.

What We Are About:
  • Real Life > Game.
    While real life will always be more important than a game, we do believe it is very important to make sure your gaming experience is the best it can be.
  • We welcome people of all ages, race, religion, sexual preference, and culture.
  • We have a family-friendly environment where the people care more about you and having fun, rather than gearing themselves and putting others down.
  • We believe in keeping our chat in all channels clean of cussing, sexuality, and talking trash.
  • While we do enjoy end game content, there is a chance we will not raid every week. This is not a guild that is all about gearing ourselves as much as we can and having bragging rights. This does not mean that we won't raid, just that it is not the primary focus.
  • We enjoy helping others, whether it be with leveling, getting gear, getting achievements, or just to have fun.
  • Even though this is just a game, the interactions between people are not. We believe in treating others the same in a game as we would in real life because these are real people we play with.

With all of that said, I would also like to send a shout out to fellow Christian guilds and family-friendly guilds and welcome you to talk to us or participate in events with us (once we have things up and running of course!).

Additionally, there is a minimum 2 week waiting period before New Recruits will be promoted to the Member rank and gain access to the guild website tools, forums, and event pages. This is to weed out trolls, but also to give New Recruits a chance to see what the guild is like, meet everyone, see how the guild atmosphere feels and whether they want to stay, as well as giving us a chance to get to know you.

Please contact me or Kidori in-game if you have any questions or are interested in joining. We would be happy to have you!
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