We are forming a weekly 25 man group from our guild + some other Terokkar alliance. We plan to start with LFR then move to Vaults-25 man. The day/time will be every Tuesday night from 8p-11p server.

More details:
We are currently doing a scheduled LFR run of 25 people every Tuesday night.
We are finding that if we can enter LFR as a qued team of 25 that we 1) can down the LFR bosses faster and 2) don't have to put up with baddies from who knows where.

This has mostly been from <The East Kingdom> so far, but we are opening this up to any other alliance 90s who are geared (460+ for the first 6 bosses and 470 min after that) and want to participate. We are recruiting between 5-10 DPS and possibly 1-2 healers.

You do not have to join our guild to come.

Only requirements for the LFR runs are:
- talk to me (Chatmay/Meridia) to get on the invite list
- be on ventrilo during the raid
- not act like a total derp

There will be a few other requirements added once we get into the actual raid... not going into all that here, but be aware.

Feel free to contact me on Chatmay or Meridia or Illayeria ingame (whisper or mail).