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jubei'thos has alot of raiding guilds on it, so far I have noticed alot of guilds are always needing to pug 1-2 players to fill their team. putting this post out there to see who would be interested in a guild merge to create a full team for both parties involved. for both parties involved equal leadership rights, there's no BS or drama - drama free zone. hoping to establish a comfortable and successful raiding environment.

please note it would require your team to move into our guild as we aren't prepared to leave our own.

if this sounds like a plan that could possibly work for you please leave a reply, i can contact you in-game to discuss any fine details.

edit: would prefer to stay horde however if there is alot of interest alliance could be an option.
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My team has: Warrior tank, Druid Heals, Ele Sham, Lock, DK DPS. Recruiting on this server is god awful. SOOO many guild recruiting 2/3 more people. Whisper me when you are on and we can see if we can work something out if we can make a viable team with my guys.
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Hi Adelani, I hear exactly what you are saying and can't agree more!! My guild are in the same boat, always needing one or two players to round out our team.

Then when we finally get a run together, no one can lead the raid..

Two questions, what raid times/days are you looking at running? And are you guys EST?

Anyway I would like to chat about this some more with you so feel free to add me in game and whisper me or Lotzadots when I'm on.
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Hi Guys,

I know what you mean, I think there are too many guilds on the server with as you said 7 or 8 people who are keen to raid but are unable to find those final slots. APOC WoW currently runs 3 groups through MSV all at different stages with the furthest being 6/6 MV and 1/6 HoF however our main group could be easily pushing 4/6 HoF and even some of TOES if we had consistent numbers everyweek. Some of our other raids could be doing the same if it werent for 1 or 2 people not showing every now and then. We would be more than happy if any of you guys would like to join the guild and maybe even form a 4th team with the leftovers filtering in to other raids.

Our number 1 team is currently looking for a hunter and warlock however ele shammy and or mage would also suffice, mainly looking at those classes for gear distribution and lock rocks etc. Our other teams are always trying to find that 9th and 10th player everyweek so there would be spots there. APOC WoW has been around for a long time now and would love to talk if your considering merging into a guild. Either PST myself or Borknagar in game or via mail. We would love to have positive and motivated people join our ranks as we are a friendly guild who enjoy all aspects of the game.

Look forward to hearing from you :D
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Hey Adelani, I know exactly what you mean coming from a recent guild merge myself.

Once merged we found that a lot of our members could handle a 25 man run (quantity and experience – raiding extensively through Wrath and then early Cata – and then we all know what happened during Cata, ahah), however.. Of course.. We are a few reliable members short from getting it consistently up and running.

If a 25 man raiding environment is something that might interest you please contact me in game or add my battletag: Trevs#1519

Good luck with the search and I look forward to hearing from you.
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The biggest problem here is NO ONE is willing to give up there guild to merge with someone else.

Ive inquired a few times in /2 and all you get is "join my guild" and the main reply, "not wanting to kill our guild"

I will admit, my GM is the same he is firm that we wont merge with someone but is willing to have some other guild merge with us... So its killing us in the progression, another reason why no one wants to join haha.

So the problem we see in Trade chat is just going to continue as people are just too stubborn and have "Too much Pride" to let there guild go.
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