Brawler's Guild

100 Orc Warrior
You do not need an invite to zone in and watch, only to queue.
Guild is located in the large building in the Valley of Honor.

- The design of the system is that you slowly work on fights. Your first queue each day skips you to the front of the line. After that expect to wait anywhere from 30-120 minutes depending on the crowd. The area is cross realm. Some people complain about that, but I think it is a required to make ''content'' out of it. Blizzard created a nice spectator sporting event.

The design of the encounters also favors dps specs. Again, some people complain about this, but it is the best way to tune things exactly how you want them. The alternative would have been a balancing mess, creating either frustration or watered down content.

- Specs and reforging are two things you should be prepared for. Up to the second half of rank 6, all of the bosses are lvl 92 elites, so you need slightly less hit rating. Melee can also take parry into consideration since they'll spend alot of time in front of mobs. Plan on changing your talents and glyphs on every fight (I've gone through about 100 tomes of the clear mind).

- Buffs such as flasks, food, kings, might, etc can all be used. It is like dueling someone outside of org. Currently you can also be grouped with a mage and have them bloodlust just before you're ported in for your fight. I've seen alot of well geared people not be able to get a fight down without that trick. The tuning @ the end is pretty tight. There is a vendor on the north side of the arena that sells cheap potions specific to this area. No flasks are sold here.

-Queueing is done by talking to any guard located around the arena. Talking to them again will give you a rough estimate of where you are in the queue. Remember that people who haven't done any fights yet that day will ''budge you in line'' causing your queue to take much longer than what is actually listed.

-Score boards for each rank bracket are accessed by talking to Skizz in the southern nook. They are considered the boss's record, and as such are listed as their wins vs losses. (30-90 means they've killed 30 players, and players have killed them 90 times.)

-The Haters Gonna Hate achievement is one that you should plan ahead of time and then when it is almost your turn ask your fellow spectators to spam throw fruit at you. I suggest planning it because with the number of people in there so far, it isn't possible on multiple fights because of the high level of movement. I chose Mazraheen at the end of rank 3 because you don't have to move. People can begin spam throwing the fruit as soon as you get in, you just need to keep the debuff from falling off, even the 5 seconds after the boss dies before you're ported out.
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100 Orc Warrior
Disclaimer for ALL strategy suggestions:

I sometimes don't mention abilities that are only distractions.
What I list is what you need to counter.

Some mechanics that I mention you might find negligible if you have
alot of dps output, since that can prevent certain elements from fully
ramping up. I still mention them because, insane muscles lacking,
they are pivotall elements of the fight.

I'm not always right.

Bruce 1.58 million hp
Does nasty frontal chomp chomp. Don't get hit.

Vian the Volatile 2.023 mil
1) Dodge the fire line that is his frontal.
2) Dodge the orbs and try not to let them hit the boss either.
3) Don't interrupt his Lava Burst cast or he'll melee you hard.

DO NOT stand in the red circles. Instant death. You can stun him during cast but not pummel it.

Dungeon Master Vishas 1.475 mil
Don't get hit while he has the heated poker buff, kite or evade. I believe you can stun him during the cast to interrupt it but not pummel. He also casts Naughty Secrets but it didn't appear to do much damage unless you really dragged the fight out and allowed its debuff to keep stacking. Can be interrupted via kick/pummel etc.
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100 Orc Warrior
Rank 2

Dippy 1.264 mil
This penguin casts a one shot Peck. You interrupt him by doing damage to knock him back. Make sure to keep him pointed toward the middle of the arena. Him being against a wall can prevent him from being interrupted.

Kirrawk 2.107 mil
-His main ability is spawning a tornado that then chases you. If it catches you, you're thrown high into the air and take fall damage. Make it hit him instead by putting him between you and the tornado.
-Interrupt his cast if you can.
-Purge his buff if you can.

Fran & Riddoh 1.30 and 2.107 mil respectively
-Riddoh does melee attacks and casts a net on you.
-Fran is a goblin sitting on his shoulders that throws 30k dynamite sticks and occasionally encircles you with bombs that hit much harder.

You can either kill Fran since he has slightly less hp and eat the melee attacks. Or kill Riddoh and spend the rest of the fight dodging.

King Kulaka 1.686 mil
This dinosaur that deals heavy melee damage. Ranged need to kite him. Melee need to roll mitigation or avoidance cds. Remember that you can use a health potion, a health stone, and run to bandage if you need. Well geared players won't have a problem, but if your output is low it can be painful.
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100 Orc Warrior
Rank 3

Green blob that ''summons smaller'' blobs. You only have to kill the original big glob and they do not share hp so cleaving is pointless. The small blobs will move slower so you could kite the big guy away if needed.

Has 3 casts, all of which can be interrupted. The flame wall is cast at you, and then closes at medium speed around your location, you have to run out before it closes or it does massive damage. Not hard to avoid. The pyroblast you'll only see cast 1-2 times during the fight, and it can be ignored if you're pushing the dps fast and choose to interrupt wall instead. The only problem with pyro is the dot that it gives you. Roughly 20% of your hp taken slowly over 8 seconds. Can be spell reflected. The last cast can be interrupted to avoid damage, flame buffet.

Bug that does an instant death cleave. Two strats are either stand almost underneath him all the way in the hitbox, and run through, or stay constantly moving in a tight circle around him. If you're bad at the trigger finger movement, or you have some lag I suggest the circle, otherwise reaction movement is very doable.

Mazhareen 1.897 mil
Cat that does more damage as its hp gets lower. Either use VERY heavy mitigation cds to eat the melee attacks at the end, or kite. Expect 200k hits in the last couple seconds.
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100 Orc Warrior
Rank 4

Exactly like the yeti Icehowl in ToC. He goes to the middle and gets ready to charge, simply keep moving so he misses and hits the wall instead, becoming stunned.

Leona Earthwind
Kill her adds because they melee you hard.

Dominika the Illusionist
Kill her adds because they cast at you fast.

Dodge the lightning walls.
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100 Orc Warrior
Rank 5

Millie Watt
Move as soon as he starts casting electric dynamite. At the end of the discombobulator cast jump into a lightning pool.

Don't stand in purple stuff. Keep your back to a clear spot.

Rain dance + torrent.

Leper Gnome Quintet
Kill five adds. Escape to reset your stacks.
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100 Orc Warrior
Rank 6

Yikkan Izu
Killing a bird gives the boss a stack. If the boss gets to 5 stacks he enrages.

Interrupt chain lightning. He also buffs his next 5 melee attacks and has spirit wolves.

Smash Hoofstomp
Kill his shoulderpads. Stand behind him during shield.

He does massive amounts of melee damage. Can be stunned, feared, rooted, slowed.
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100 Orc Warrior
Rank 7

GG Engineering
Two engineers that share health. ''Dodge'' missiles. You can bandage under the bubble.

Dark Summoner
Flashlight tag meets red light green light (or Luigi's Mansion). Also, the ghosts have a really really big explosion radius, so watch out.

Orbs spinning around him explode for massive damage if a spell or attack passes through them. This fight has tighter dps requirements than any before it.

Pick up orbs. Set the gnome free.
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100 Orc Warrior
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Rank 8

Gangalok the Destroyer
A boss with a health pool. Get it's health to 0. Dodge and interrupt spells. Do damage fast. If it's not fast enough you lose. Move around to designated areas. Use cooldowns. He does the same thing every time. Look up a guide.

pve is hard lel
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100 Orc Warrior

A boss with a health pool. Get it's health to 0. Dodge and interrupt spells. Do damage fast. If it's not fast enough you lose. Move around to designated areas. Use cooldowns. He does the same thing every time. Look up a guide.

pve is hard lel

LoL good description, but you should try the rank 8 boss Disruptron as melee. I'm not sure WoW has ever seen a harder fight (only talking about what it takes for melee to complete, not ranged). It is as close to unscripted as you can get.

I will be sad when Blizzard nerfs it, and hope I get it down first.
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Rank 8
Disruptron Mk. 3R-Alpha
Static Charge
5 Second cast
Stuns enemies within 8 yards for 5 seconds. Don't stand in it.
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90 Pandaren Warrior
I love people who haven't even done the fights talk trash. go do it in that blue gear and let me know how it goes.
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
Disruptron Mk. 3R-Alpha
Static Charge
5 Second cast
Stuns enemies within 8 yards for 5 seconds. Don't stand in it.

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