5.1 DPS Shaman [PvP]

90 Orc Shaman
So 5.1 is coming out and DPS Shaman still have no PvP viability.
-Both specs have rediculously low mobility. Specifically Enhancement's mobility is way too low for a melee spec considering they don't have a gap closer like charge or deathgrip. Having mobility tied to a glyph makes it dam near mandatory for PvP unless you are getting Hand of Freedoms.
-Enhance's burst damage is none existant outside of Ascendance.
-Elemental is super squishy cause the one and only defensive they have is from the lvl 15 talents.
-Elemental has Thunderstorm, if you even count that, and the lvl 30 talent for escape options. Seems drastically weak compared to how useful escape tools are for other classes.

And despite this somehow we felt the need to nerf the Shaman class as a whole by making totems not castable while silenced/interrupted.
Last exapansion the entire Shaman class recieved nerfs in an attempt to 'balance' Restoration for PvP like the Windshear and Purge nerfs. If Restoration feels overpowered then just nerf Restoration, the DPS specs really need some love here.
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90 Troll Shaman
AGREED! Can we at least get a CC breaker or make capacitor totem an instant stun like every other aoe CC? I get so much crap in arenas with people saying I die too fast... I look at my CDs and Astral Shift, Healing Tide, Thunderstorm, Hex, Grounding Totem....all on CD! Can't mitigate damage, can't break CC (aside from trinket), throw in silences and interrupts, if I'm being focused in 2's without a healer, I DIE! I want to stay elemental but it's not realistic for pvp unless something changes...
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