What is the oldest guild on Nordrassil?

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Today is my guild's 4yr anniversary and it got me to wondering what is the oldest guild on our realm? Horde side and Alliance.

Does anyone know?
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Grats on the anniversary! Quite an achievement on a server like this.

Well, if we disregard guilds that are just still there with inactive members, I would venture to say maybe Warpath on Horde and maybe Sacellum on Alliance, who I think are still kicking around in the 10-man raiding scene? I'm sure there are plenty of others, but those are two names that I remember from pretty early Burning Crusade raiding on this server. Warpath would probably be the longest standing active guild on the server. I could be wrong though :)
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It has to be warpath. I can't base this on any research, but warpath has been raiding since I made my first character during burning crusade. They have been actively raiding the whole time I think. They always show up in the top few for progression, although in the past they were always battling for 1st or second. There was one other guild that always seemed to keep number 1 during BC and early Wrath, however that guild has since fallen apart. I can't quite remember the name...

EDIT: It was Paradox. A few threads up there is a rumor that they are returning to Nordrassil. I guess they didn't fall apart, they just left us.
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Sacellum is pretty old. UE was here before us on alliance but left. Natural selection was pretty old too.

They are the one i remember because we had very few raiding/progression guild at the time. An En cor or something liek that :) was there too, more casual.

I do not know if they are still active. Sacellum was active until mid-heroic progression on Cata, but all was so boring and getting nerfed so fast that we got too bored to keep raiding actively.

The guild stayed active though and Torran ran a few raids. We had a bunch of us ( me included coming back within the last two weeks ), we geared a bit in heroic and started our first raid yesterday ( did 2/6 mv) .

So hopefully we will be back on the progression trail once we catch up and get a more established raiding group.

Cheers everyone from the old days.
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Warpath charter was made the first day server opened (2 weeks before BC release) Still has a few surviving members from that era too
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Knights of Naaru chartered in May of 2007. I joined a few months later. Not a huge raiding guild by any means, but we're right at the top for longevity.
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My guild Pride of the Underdogs is roughly 5-6 years old
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I've been on Nordrassil since it's opening.. It's been a wild ride.
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Grats to all of you for long lived guilds! Our guild, Dominion, is also about 4 years old, been through a lot of folks coming & going, but still going strong.
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90 Worgen Priest
I started Shadow Initiative on January 16th, 2008.

Log in and type /ginfo
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Knight of Lordron was created 24 March, 2007. Sadly, not a raiding guild anymore. Fluctuates between being dead to being mildly active. Used to be active and raided back when it was created up until 2011, then died after the GM passed away. Now it's barely semi-active.
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Witty Name was created 01-14-2008. Still raiding too. Recruiting for WoD if anyone is looking.
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01/21/2013 06:47 AMPosted by Tryndameire
I've been on Nordrassil since it's opening.. It's been a wild ride.

Same here , its been a great ride except for the last 2 expansions and it kinda went downhill a bit , the merger with muradon helped a bit . "Murdrassil" is slowly getting up there again =)
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An Éan Corr was created 3-10-2008. Had 2 other guilds that were almost all the same players, butfor some reason, every time we did a guild merge, we made a new guild with a new name... then guild banks came out.

We were gone for a couple years, and AEC became a bank guild. I bought it back when I came back, because I'm a nostalgic sap, and put my kids' toons in it. Well, one thing led to another, and well.... AEC's back, biznatches!
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I tanked for Natural Selection back in the early BC days thru WotLK. The guild still exists but I have not seen any of the originals except for Nostalgic occasionally in a long time. The raiding part of the guild actually changed the name to Evolution during WotLK.

But yeah, Warpath would definitely be the oldest around now. Gwendoline and Zoquara have both had their guilds around for a long time Alliance side.
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It's like a blast from the past in here! We're getting some folks back together from NS. Gunna start some 10mans soon.
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Good luck, Dart. Good to see you guys kicking back up!
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