looking for close knit guild

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I am looking for a new guild. I have been on lightnings blade since vanilla (on various toons) I was a officer for years In the guild Dark Roses until it finally dissolved. Prior to that i was also in Hounds of Valhalla.
--- I do like to raid but do not put it above the knowing other players and having fun outside of a raid instance. I love the game for what it is and the players for who they are. I am a older gamer that still likes to have a few drinks and do something crazy in game. I am looking for a guild that is friends first, dosen't put gear and achieves above guildmates, and enjoys cracking jokes and having fun. I am over 30 and looking for a like group of gamers.

I have several toons but am leveling a mage at the moment, who I plan on becoming my main.
Thanks- My mage name is Subcool.
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Hey there Lugs!
Get Geared or Wipe Tryin is a newly created guild formed by a me and 3 irl friends. I recently transferred here, because I was tired of a guild where all we did was raid. I came here to play with my friends and have a good time, with some raiding on the side. We would love to have you in our guild, and help us shape a guild that you as a guildie want to be apart of.

Gimme a shout in game if your interested!
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Hello lugs
Game of Thrones is looking for core memebers and also like to mess around outside of raid days were are level 25 and we are very casual and we have friendly memebers and we do pvp when we dont raid if this sounds like the guild for u whisper me in game
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Join my awesome guild if you don't mind being lonely. It's mostly full of alts, so maybe when mains get bored with grinding rep they will return to their alts in a month or two.
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I am an ex-member of HoV! Been around since Vanilla also. 30+is my age. Husband and I just realm transfered to another sever and faction and have fit in well.... Our guild is actively recruiting and I will leave you a little blurb about it.... Mayyaa (healing druid) Ragtag (Warlock) were our toons in HoV :-) Good times in the guild!

heres the blurb,

Want to go back to the days of big raids and more loot? Guild falling apart and want to go somewhere where a small group of friends can come with?From the Ashes, Khadgar's only remaining 25-man guild, is currently recruiting. We're a casual raiding guild (9 hours/week) that is currently progressing through this tier's content (25Man: 6/6 MSV, 2/6 HoF, 3/4 ToES; 10Man "Learning": 6/6 MSV, 4/6 HoF, 4/4 ToES).Our raid schedule is Tue-Wed-Thu from 8:30p to 11:30p (EST).We're currently heavily recruiting DPS classes (Hunters especially), and classes with dual roles (DPS/healer preferred).We try to focus on having as much fun as possible while raiding, but still killing bosses and progressing. We're looking for people who like to do both. If interested, check out our website at fromtheashes.us or contact (Cenddo, RealID: daniel.mingee.1@gmail.com) or Kossak in game. You can also contact any of our guild members who can direct you to someone else to talk to.

Look us up if you want to! Glad to see some old team mates around!
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Hey Lugs, we are precisely the guild you are describing. You can learn more about us at www.TheFirstResponders.com or message me with any questions. Good luck in your search brother.
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