Game Crashes in Silvermoon City

100 Pandaren Hunter
So for some reason today when I took the portal to Silvermoon City, as soon as I even so much as look out the main hall into the city, my game either freezes up for up to 10 seconds or just freezes and crashes completely. I don't get any error message other than "world of warcraft retail has stopped is looking for a solution." This is very weird since I have been able to go ham on Silvermoon on this very laptop not too long ago. Any fixes anyone pleeease?
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90 Tauren Druid
I'm having a similar problem; I ported into silvermoon, and the game started running extremely slowly, and eventually froze the screen. The only action I could take is to ctrl-alt-delete, open task manager and kill the client. This now happens every time I log into the toon that is in silvermoon. Help!
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100 Orc Rogue
Make a post in Tech Support, please include an error log with it.
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90 Troll Mage
This has been going on for 3 days. It seems to be a phasing issue that Blizz has just ignored. They don't care to fix the bug.

If you point your camera down the frame rates will come back up and then run past the fountain with your head down and then all will be well once you are past the fountain.

It is a shame that Blizz has not fixed this.
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90 Human Priest
This has been going on for 3 days. It seems to be a phasing issue that Blizz has just ignored. They don't care to fix the bug.

If you point your camera down the frame rates will come back up and then run past the fountain with your head down and then all will be well once you are past the fountain.

It is a shame that Blizz has not fixed this.

It won't be a phasing problem. Phasing is not utilized in Eversong Woods. If it only happens when the fountain is in view, I think it's more likely to be a graphic or animation problem.
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90 Orc Hunter
I can almost guarantee this is a memory leak and nothing else. A hotfix and rolling restart should be fine if they even take notice.
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had to ctrl-alt-delete and end process on the game now i cant log on this toon plz fix or tell me what i can do to solve the issue
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11 Blood Elf Priest
I have the SAME problem and now icant log with my toon ):
Fix this Blizz, come on
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Ya same here ._. hopefully gets fixed soon!
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66 Draenei Hunter
Same with me! WTF blizzard?
My main is in SMC and i can't even log in now without it crashing everytime!
It's unplayable! Fix this!
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90 Blood Elf Mage
It's happening to me too. The game is unplayable for me. Can't even port out.
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90 Troll Priest
I disabled all my addons and turned my graphics to the lowest possible settings and was able to log in and get past the fountain. Once you are in game look away from the mountain. Look down at the floor and run past it using the minimap or whatever.
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90 Blood Elf Warrior
and all I wanted to do is go to silvermoon grab their tabard and go get tranquillien rep... please wow, fix this, it's my only 90. Tried turning off all addons and that only bought me a few more seconds before it froze, but it was so laggy I couldn't get the camera pointed down to run. I'm a sad troll stuck in belfland.

EDIT: what worked for me was disabling all addons then setting my resolution to the lowest possible, was still a bit laggy but once past the fountain and outside silvermoon it worked. Best to just to stay away from that place altogether until they stop doing their testing or fix the leak or whatever it is.
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12/03/2012 01:20 AMPosted by Baelanathor
It's happening to me too. The game is unplayable for me. Can't even port out.

Same trouble here. It's happening only on this one character, but he's the only one in Silvermoon City right now, thank goodness. I can't even get into it without it already frozen, let alone waiting for it to lag enough to get me past the fountain and try and hearthstone back :P

I opened a ticket to a GM on another character, and they told me (for Win 7, which I have) to delete the cache, WTF and Interface folders, which I did, and nothing happened, I'm still stuck. I have no complaints about the ticket or GM help they were nice and curteous, it's just that their suggestion doesn't work.

I really don't want to delete this character, even though luckily he's a low level, and I hope Blizz will fix this (for everyone) soon. Wish I'd known about this "bug" before I sent him to SC :(

EDIT UPDATE: Finally got out! Whew! What a nightmare!
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90 Troll Hunter
Bump, this is still an issue and Silvermoon City just ate my main. Please resolve quickly.
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100 Tauren Druid
I ported to SM, got the message 'You are in the wrong zone' and the game froze. The only way I can get out of the game is by closing it. My main is stuck there and there is nothing I can do. I've logged in again and again to try. I can't even click on my hearthstone to hearth. I need to get my main back.

All my other toons are fine. Please fix this. From the other posts it's obvious that this has been ongoing. So please do something.
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100 Goblin Rogue
Seriously, fix this. Its terrifying seeing the game freeze up like this. and my only 90 is at a GM's mercy
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90 Orc Death Knight
Ok I was kind of hoping this wasn't just me, but now it means the issue is more serious.
Multiple people have posted pictures that they managed to get before it froze up, and it Does seem to be a phasing issue, phasing of many BEs stacked on each other, who knows how many, maybe hundreds.,42law

Please look into this Blizzard!

For people with characters stuck still, here is what I did:

1. Logged on to another character that is Not in silvermoon, and lowered graphics to the lowest setting

2. Changed my "Display Mode" from windowed to "Fullscreen" (just because it takes a little less processing this way, from my experience)

3. Logged into the "problem character" in silvermoon city. ***Warning**** Next step is vital

4. Finally: Do Not do anything when it's loading, don't even move your mouse. Just let it process for a while, I waited till it had basically become "consistent" with NPCs running around very laggy, but could see movement at least.

5. Do one thing at a time, and give it time to process before clicking anything else. I clicked my bag with my hearth stone, and gave it time to load, once I was sure I had given it time, I then clicked my hearth stone. I luckily got out
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Game lagged so bad for my horde mage in silvermoon I took two steps and it froze. No errors displayed though, had to ctrl-alt-delete to force wow to close.
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100 Draenei Paladin
Having similar issues, though my computer seems to be able to suffer through and not crash. I just get huge, massive spikes of like 1-10fps when it's usually 60+.

Within the Inner Sanctum of Sunfury Spire there was no lag. The moment I enter Sunfury Spire proper, I'm hit with major lag.

When I jump off the ledge, into Sunfury Spire proper, there's no lag in the room. I can turn around and reenter the inner sanctum and no lag will occur, but returning back to the main room I'll lag again.

Exiting Sunfury Spire, right around where the blue curtains are, the lag will recommence. If I turn either to the far left or far right once I'm off the platform leading to Sunfury Spire the lag will stop. Turning around to face the fountain will cause it to lag again.

If I head down instead, to exit Court of the Sun, it will continue to lag until I hit the staircases at the fountain. At this point, I can run around the fountain in any direction without lag.

However, if I re-enter Sunfury Spire, or head to the far left or right of the Court of the Sun, I noticed small lag spikes, after which turning to face the fountain once more would cause the lag to act up until I hit the fountain staircase again.
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