checking interest for a new raid guild (H)

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As the title says. Myself and a few other members of my current raid team have become increasingly frustrated with the direction our guild has been taking and have decided to try to break off to form a new raiding guild. The environment we hope to foster would be semi-serious, somewhere in between hardcore and casual, but definitely leaning slightly more to the hardcore side. We mainly want competent players that honor their commitments and show up on time.

Right now we are just trying to see if we can generate some interest. This will be a brand new guild starting from level 1. We currently have about half a raid group committed to join me and we are all experienced raiders. Our current progress is 4/6 in Vaults and 1/6 in HoF. We could easily be further along but our efforts are hampered by the aforementioned frustrations we are experiencing.

We would need at least 1 tank and 1-2 good healers to commit before we could start the process of making this happen. If you're interested post here and we can talk.
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prog pug or new era? maybe group 2/3/4/5/6/7 of unhallowed?

ok on serious note, understand its not relevant to what was posted, but is relevant to what your looking for, and would suggest looking into high pop pve interested servers ( a52, cho'gall, illidan ect.)

with experience of misha, and atm its ALOT more dead then what it was back in WRATH.. its almost mandatory.

(understand that you prolly would like to stay on misha, just posting an opinion)
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Hello.I would be intrested in joining a semi hc horde rguild on this server.If you would sent this toon a mail with whom i could talk to if u do it I would be able to make known what toon/toons i have avail.My 2 main toons are heals, but i have no real mov raid xp with the exception of lfr.ty.
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