Error loading character

100 Night Elf Rogue

Duplicate character found on armory list and unable to load character on mobile armory

Name: Jihadin
Level: 23
Class: Paladin
Faction: Alliance
Realm: Shadowmoon

Invalid character:
Name: Jihadin
Level: 60
Class: Paladin
Faction: Alliance
Realm: Shadowmoon

I originally had a level 60 Paladin on Shadowmoon named Sybilla
I transfered Sybilla to Mugthol in 2005 when the transfer service first became available
I renamed Sybilla to Jihadin on Mugthol, the new server.
Later I transfered Jihadin from Mugthol to Ysondre and later to Shattered Hand.
There may have been more transfers than that, what can I say my friends moved a lot :)
The character was finally transfered to Turalyon and renamed to Sinapse and is currently still there.

The Problem:
Jihadin the level 60 Paladin on Shadowmoon shows up on my character's list both on the mobile app and the armory.
This is not good since that character does not exist on that server.
I tried to fix/reset this myself so I created a NEW Paladin on Shadowmoon with the same name (Jihadin). She is level 23.

When I select the level 60 Jihadin from my Characters list the web armory shows me the level 23 (correctly).


When I select the level 60 Jihadin the mobile gives me an error that the character is inactive and shows me nothing.
When I select the level 60 Jihadin on the web site I get the level 23 to apear (correctly)
When I search for Jihadin (31 total) I see both characters, so there is 2 Jihadin Paladins on Alliance on shadowmoon
When I click on the 23 I get an "Oops character not available"
When I click on the 60 I get the 23

I spoke to a GM about the issue and he suggested I create a bug report as he was unable to fix the problem but he did confirm that there's a bug.

Steps to reproduce online:

Go to and search for Jihadin
You will see 31 characters, click on that to get the list
You will notice 2 characters named Jihadin on Shadowmoon

Steps to reproduce on mobile app (iphone):

Search for Jihadin
You will find the level 60 Paladin and when you click it it gives an error that the character is unavailable
You will not find the level 23 on the mobile app search
I cannot see my character on the character list on the mobile app

Feel free to contact me in game or by email if you need more information about this

Thank you
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Blizzard Employee
We're looking into this for you.
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