Tornado Alley, a long established guild on Madoran, is looking for 2 more to complete our Team #1 Core Raiding Team. We are in need of (1) Off Tank / DPS, specifically: Paladin or DK or Warrior and (1) Heals / DPS, specifically: Paladin.
This team was raiding DS and had it on clear weekly, most in group also completed DS Heroic. We will be raiding MOP 10 man raids. A gear score item level of 470 is expected, ventrilo with a mic is absolute and raiding experience would be awesome. We are just starting so will be learning these fights together. Know your class be raid aware show up on time gemmed and enchanted. Be willing to laugh and have some fun raiding and you will be the perfect person we are looking for.

Thank you. Skyrose / Madoran.