simplest tanking class as of 5.1?

90 Pandaren Monk
I really don't find monk tanking hard -_- it's pretty intuitive for me i donno, then again i played enhancement on my shaman during Cata, and that was like juggling flaming cats
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86 Blood Elf Paladin
My only issue with the Monk is the number of key binds compared to other tank classes. That may be where the "complexity" comes from.

12 Offensive abilities.
2 Movement abilities.
4 Healing abilities.
8 Defensive abilities.

I just run out of keys that I can reach in a timely manner.

I quit playing my Monk Mistweaver for the same reason. I was able to do a lot of shift key binds so that almost all the abilities I had to use regularly were under my left hand and combined with mouseover macros I was able to heal, but it never felt comfortable despite leveling as a Mistweaver, doing heroics and a fair amount of LFR.

Whenever I switched to my druid or priest healer it was just so much more enjoyable to heal. I will probably level this paladin and my old shaman healer before going back to Monk healing which mostly just made my hand tired...
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