looking for the son of chisto

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looking for the one who looks like athene and raps like vanilla ice. broski, we need to play league more.

also tell mommy she's still a sweet lil qt pie and maybe we can play a family 5's comp one day.

btw i liked your video, and comment also one of your biggest fanboys / promoters, when you get famous one day i'll demand a shoutout.

----------- Dreamzz

--------------- ihidebehindthetearsofaclownandiliketotypewithoutusingthespacebarcuzithinkitscoolbecausenoonecanreadwhatimtypingbutidothisanywayscuziknowthereisoneguyouttherethatwilltranslatethisonedayohandbtwdeathgorisangrfgt.
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12/04/2012 05:51 PMPosted by Taric

i hide behind the tears of a clown and i like to type without using the space bar cuz i think its cool because no one can read what im typing but i do this anyways cuz i know there is one guy out there that will translate this one day oh and btw deathgore is a ngr fgt^
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53 Blood Elf Paladin

ok deathgor your turn.
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90 Tauren Hunter
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53 Blood Elf Paladin
ok i such at reading walls but eventually got the message.. gg sir gg.
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Keep living in the past dreamz, its not sad at all... also your memory of the past is a bit hazy, <cough> going blood elf for interrupts. If you're going to talk !@#$ at least have the balls to do it without coding your message.

You know I'm not even mad, just dissapointed. Gonna take my own advice and move on now.
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hey! allen spoke up!

you should know i got no hate for you "personally" if not no biggie. wasnt here to start a flame fest, just me and deathgor having fun.

will admit even with playing in top 30 us progression i wasnt stroking my personal epeen, cuz i'll be the 1st to say im not the greatest, just consistant.

to clarify on the blood elf comment. im more then willing to have a stab at this one.

ok the setup.. 10man heroic nef, 3 pillars, 2 groups of 3 and 1 group of 4.

LETS NOT EVEN BRING UP Siix's healing... ok im willing to leave that topic as a HUGE reason i wasnt a fan of the healers.

ok, my group was me / trif / siix. trif was surv and did not have silencing shot, siix had no range interupt.. and if i remember correctly it was also before the nerf where it was actually kinda difficult?

1. $$$$ isnt an issue to help myself out
2. aoe interupt/silence was helpful in making my job alot easier then needed

other 2 pillars had either a mage range interupt which is helpful, or shaman i believe?

BUT! push come to shove, it was 1 particular situation where i'll admit had a lil racial fun hehe!

now i told my story, can we talk about heroic conclave now? heroic chimerean? maloriak? magmaw? cho'gall??????? will admit we did good on al'akir was pretty clean there cept for again... healers...........

quality player then, quality player now, i always said i understand im not your typical wow player... maybe i have commitment issues? maybe i dont realize commitment in a video game? maybe i just enjoy meeting other players? maybe i think no one is cool enough to hang with me?

ok ok ok ok.... losing track of myself... typical me.

mekco = fail healer cool person
siix = fail healer fail person
lumiel = good standstill healer (cant move) but an AMAZING human
kad = azn pro status GO PROTOSS!

trif = pro status R.i.P
myself = quality player but a true "swinger"
half = arcane mage + lover boy (marici???) (blizzcon?)
homer = clicker...... but enjoyed his coors
relis = competes vs tanks on dps (great raid awareness and person tho)

ao = fearless leader and sure he was very paranoid and him not taking a liking to deathgor just hurt my little heart inside.
pooch = COOL PERSON!!!!!!!! but honestly cant lie on this rant... heroic conclave.... (clicker)

to stay on topic this this was in search for the son of chisto..... make another youtube vid.

meh prolly should edit and knit pick all the crap i typed,, but to those that know me... im just a true rambler... blah blah blah... boogie283928342802308101 for life!
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btw? since when was i a shy guy???? pretty sure me and trif since we were 2 butt buddies made it clear how we felt about players..

miss that hunter... sadly that marici chick just has her ways with the guys.....

ya kno?
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100 Tauren Druid
So here is what I gather from Dreamz coming back to Misha and posting (again) how he is so great and everyone else sucks:

1) he carried Unhallowed dps

2) he feels he is equivalent to a top player in the world

3) he fell in love in game (this is just fantastic!)

4) he rips on a raid leader that let him back in the guild and was very good at times even though he showed no loyalty --- I owned the vent and he and his "buddy" had a ghosted vent channel that I somehow could listen in on one night. All these two guy did was bag on everyone in raid for 3 hours.

5) you couldn't take getting yelled at by a lesser player (Ao) --- this just shows me how deep your video game ego is

By the way on a personal note....I am a very old school gamer. I used to click on this game as did Dreamz. Dreamz actually had a conversation with me that Trif taught him how to keybind. I decided to do the same and it has made me a much better player. Homer did the same. So go make your criticisms elsewhere.

The key difference between Dreamz and I is that I then didn't go around acting like an elitist and begrudging the way other people play video games.

I don't care what you say about me. But when you start bashing a guild I am loyal (something you severely lack) to then I must answer.

I also love how you make jabs at Quez regarding pvp. This is the most laughable thing you do.

So why don't you just go away. Stop posting about people who were your friends and loyal to you at one time. Most of the people you rip on aren't even in guild anymore. We have moved on from most of the dead weight in our guild especially you.

I know you are an unhappy guy without a very good job, but just leave us alone. You are not a troll because this stuff matter to you too much. We have been a longstanding very good guild for a long time with a ton of stability. If that makes you jealous then just keep it to yourself.

Do us all a favor and stop posting. You are not nearly as clever as you think you are.
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90 Tauren Hunter
12/06/2012 08:20 AMPosted by Pooch
We have moved on from most of the dead weight in our guild especially you.

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53 Blood Elf Paladin
naw, ao... dint like deathgor.

1st out = bungaboo in apoc... + dint like how heroic chimeron was going.
2nd out = kicked my buddy deathgor after he got in.. was kinda hurt...

never denied ao as a great player. even at my most bitter times would never deny that.

about quez? i talked to quez long ago and never hated on quez.. would like to see where i posted that.

agree with teh bad job comment. its not great.. i mean it beats pushing carts i guess and will admit if you dont stress yourself farming ore and doing your job.. you sir beat me in this department.

gotta admit on the paranoia tho? c'mon thats what kept the drive... thats what made top 200-300 guild... instead of its current state... i mean when i put on guild apps cuz ya know i app everywhere using ya'lls logo.. you guys being top 500 just doesnt cut it anymore in apps.

(was a joke plz dont hate)

meh wth i enjoy rambling. got 2... and i havnt even started on pve arena hero mythryn yet.... ( /glares )

stop posting... you know me. c'mon man?

unhallowed dps... just gotta look at the logs bro? i did not carry by anymeans.. but definately did my job as my role. still miss that hunter?

in a srs note if players really did the dmg of lets say.... relis? if all the dps were at his level even with gear.. bosses wont die... so lets be real for a second... i wasnt the best but did a damn good job at it.

+1 on ex clicker was i. +1 i like your memory there. but -1 on elitist.... in guild and wherever i go... the last thing people know me as... is that... an elitist... sure my forum post are harsh. but meh i like the responses... guess i do need that pat on the back...

still <3 ya pooch
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dead weights.... see at least when i post it was the truth... c'mon bro? the lack of love.. sure call me a hopper... sure call me a rager... w/e.... but deadweights?... now you touched a nerve.

editting this post on another day..
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100 Orc Warrior
I’m hesitant to make this post because I know your behavior is primarily driven by insecurities of yourself stemming from real life shortcomings and a need to overcome this inferiority complex by creating fallacies and exaggerations on the internet so you can create this virtual “safe place” for you to escape from your ‘broken home’ atmosphere and mental instability (bipolar is it? I don’t remember which it was exactly). This is uncharacteristic of me because I never bash anyone publically but, throwing all reason aside, I’ll make an exception here just for you =)

You are not good. Period. Consistent? Consistently average. Don’t try and compare yourself to Trif in terms of DPS. Trif would frequently parse top 25 especially in Wrath. You? Never. Do you know what made Trif good? It was his ability to do all the other stuff (kiting, control) while still doing good dps. Take lessons from our current rogue. Do you think it’s coincidence that Trif started to get worse when he began to hang around you? You are the real reason Trif changed; not because of who you claim it was.

Let’s recap your skillset:

1) A rogue that can’t interrupt. Being outplayed by Homer on Maloriak who could still interrupt after having 15 beers in him. It was so bad that any interrupt fight you were the first to be sat. Kind of embarrassing…

2) Unable to jump on platforms. Rerolling blood elf to get Arcane Torrent so you could interrupt from range so that you didn’t have to be able to jump on said platform. Guaranteeing after your race change that you would never miss that interrupt again on Nef P2 … and proceeding to fail the very first attempt of the night. Just can’t script stuff this good. Your inability to play this game well cost us an entire week of Nef…NORMAL mode.

3) You bash halfawake for failing at raid mechanics and yet we wipe the entire first night on Rhyolith because you can’t control the legs. Then the very next raid day we bring in Halfawake to control legs and we one shot it. Kind of embarrassing…

4) Self proclaimed to be good at PvP. Your entire PvP career involves rerolling the FOTM class and being carried in the FOTM comp. You admitted this yourself but I doubt you will again publically.

5) Bashing people in trade chat, forums, etc for being a keyboard turner/clicker and you being one yourself for years. Nobody bashed you for it. Is your inferiority complex that deep?

6) Carried to EVERY thing you’ve ever done in this game. Transferring your warlock at the end of wrath to some 25 man guild to kill normal LK25 using the cheese warlock tactic to ignore valks. They didn’t even recruit you, they recruited your class. Then transferring back to Misha and bragging in trade chat about how you earned LK25 kill. Laughable. You claim to be part of a world’s top guild and how you’re an amazing player? It’s the same story all over again. You never brought anything to Unhallowed, you were just another player. Never came up with strats or suggestions or superior play. Without you we would have accomplished the same (and in some cases faster). Pushing out average dps every night does not mean you weren't carried. The people that carried you are the people who spelled out everything you needed to do on every fight.

I could continue but this post is already long enough. I’m sorry to shatter your dreams(!) but you just aren’t good, atleast not good enough to bash other people.

Let me finally say that we’ve been around for 3 years and still going strong because for the most part we have good character people in the guild. We’re very selective about whom we let in but occasionally we make mistakes. You are one of three people who should have never been in this guild. I don’t fault myself for inviting you the first time because I didn’t know; but letting you back in the second time after the wall of lies you put up in our private forums and begging to come back in vent was me being a fool. I’m sympathetic to a fault and I apologize to the rest of the guild that had to put up with you for another couple months. Thankfully you got so hurt that I wouldn’t let your troll friend into the guild and you left. It was a joyous day.

I will close by saying that every single person on our roster today is better than you. I don’t say that out of spite, I truly believe it. They are all capable thinking critically and helping come up with strats. The days of me having to spell everything out and come up with all the strats are long gone thanks to people like you leaving. It's not our goal to be Top 100 or whatever number. I like to be competitive but within the frame of the guild motto (go read it, since you never understood it to begin with).

Half left some good advice in his post above: forget your time here and move on. I do hope that life starts to turn out better for you because nobody deserves it that bad.

Have a wonderful day =)
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85 Undead Priest
Ughhhh. Why??? Why do you like to talk about the guild so much, with your backhanded compliments or your straight !@#$ talk? Don't act surprised that everyone's replying now, man.

Dreamz, I think the #1 thing you and Trif never realized back then was that we knew the problems the raid had too. The difference between us and you was that we understood that was what we had to work with and we kept our patience and did our best with what we had. You think talking %^-* and being an !@# is going to solve the problems of the raid? No, we (that means me, and AO and POOCH and everyone else you talked $%^- about) were the ones that were right. Because surprise surprise, despite all the "problems" you talked about we still killed every heroic boss and we're still here now. So I don't know why you feel the need to do what you're doing.

Also, your analysis on Half? Um, Trif, hello? Trif and Marici are the ones who transferred off together, Half is still here. You sure have selective memory, my friend.
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100 Orc Shaman
Man, I thought better of you D. Seriously. I took a break on Cata and came back for this xpac and the number 1 reason I came back was the people I played with were still here. Guilds are successful when you have a great group of loyal people willing to work together and put in the time. Bashing people or talking smack about others to make yourself feel better is truly the lowest form of self esteem. I didn't realize you needed a boost this bad. Maybe you should go back to school and focus on bettering your real life instead of trying to live a false one online. Don't trash talk people that considered you friends and who gave you a break. Stop livin in the past and focus on the future. For your own sake hoss.

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53 Blood Elf Paladin
damn, finally got the response from ao. damn...

about the lock xfer ect.. ect... raided with em whole tier, and c'mon writings on the wall bout me.. using recruit the class excuse doesnt cut it there.

maloriak. will admit when we had potential classes not use reduce casting debuffs on the boss, i did slack on.. believe it was curse of tongues?

lord rhylioth, if i remember correctly we zerg'd FL on normal modes, dont see the issue there, and believed it was before heroic shannox i bounced.. dont remember any headaches seeing we killed all the bosses in our 1 week schedule on normal modes.. but hey i do remember using range to call so +1 there.

12hr raid weeks............................ c'mon bro lets be honest?

nef platforms................... ok already admitted went BE for aoe silence?why not? getting ont he platforms.... was that my problem?..... was it???? i remember getting on fine, without the crutch of range interupts had to make due?

btw also went sublety for that, to help with our resto druid.. ya remember him right? the great healer he was...

bro trying to figure out the pure hate.. or you called it "spite".... not good..... i still had parse.. sure will admit trif was amazing and i adored him.. but still remember me and him joking around all the time and both of us parsing.. (btw still parsing)

kad.. my half comment i believe he knew what i talked about, and will admit my bro died to that chick too. was just a joke. understand your point but was just having fun there.

to omi... bro these are just written words, and my real life status is actually doing aiight, im able to work eat sleep game and enjoy my weekends (more games). and if you believe it!!!!!!! i enjoy my job.. sure will admit im not a doctor or dentist... not a lawyer... but at this time of my life im doing aiight getting around and still having fun.. no worries here man!

...... idk how low self esteem ect.. was brought up.. will admit high ego gamer.. or i call it confident.. why the real life hate? we in the game talking bout the game why real life? we are not talking about farming gold rather than being an IRL dentist.. and cancling appointments ect.. and causing wow to affect your real life income... we talking bout a video game.

honestly i could be.. BS'ing this whole time and run blizzard... microsoft.... ect... maybe i hit the powerball (lotto)... c'mon bro we all should know over the internet not to care bout what others say they do irl.... paint shop? dentist? college? krogers? 7-11?.....

btw this topic was looking for the son of chisto so half/kad/ao/omi/pooch if you see him can you let him know im worried bout my homie? (not to be confused with homer)

not 1 player in current group worse then myself.... how would you judge? progression? nope... parses? nah.. hours raiding per week (we even) extended raids / extra days.. c'mon ya'lll beat me there. will admit loyalty was big with you guys....

omi (wait he's back)
bj's (not hating you here just posting ya had to leave during t11)
moneyline (lasted 1 day)
relis (believe he stop'd not sure)

(a 10man guild that raids relaxed hours with this much turnover, with gm/officers willing to accept lesser players and wont replace due to performance *obviously me here right?* guess players are just quitting wow and dont want server 1st. damn life is tought)

im sure there is more names... burnouts suck.....maybe change of interest? maybe tired of guild direction?

read ya'lls post... and honestly gotta speak out when lies are made.... and sure having lil fun here too.

waiting for deathgor to bodybag me again.... /sigh boy be faded too much

damn had to use edit on this rant. -1.... -1
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53 Blood Elf Paladin
............... ok just read your pvp comment... and c'mon bro

1. when have i admitted to being a god at pvp?
2. have you heard of vyndra?
3. this little bro of mine carries me constantly... like bro i play a dk the season AFTER they were FoTM.. ya know the season after free glad if ya can hit deathstrike or w/e the healing move was called.
4. mertukani is a good player too
5. did i mention vyndra?

pvp comment was funny cuz i never admitted to being GREAT at pvp... sure im solid.. gotten to 2k rating with 2 keyturners... spyke is still a aiight player and carkushan well he's just a cool dude.... so sure i got carried by 2 keyturners to 2k..

is 2k good? i'd say above average? 2.2k with vyndra in under 30 games and same when i played with elamite.. is 2.2k good? depends on who you are talking too... again its ok above average.

wanted to do arena with ya fearless leader with trif...but ya backed down... i guess doing it with pooch and lumi / kad was more successful.

so take it or leave it... how many 2k-2.2k players on misha... put me up with them and call it a day. never will admit im great... i consider myself above average when it comes to pvp and will admit pvp is more difficult then pve and will admit pvp players rule the world.

what rating did you and pooch and whoever the healer was get?

how bout that 5's team?

ty. pvp rant is done.. had to reread the post and now understand how delusional you are.. just typing to post negative false comments bro really?????? there HAD to be a reason i got recruited? there HAD to be a reason i had the oppurunity of joining TWICE there HAD to be a reason that i was able to stay, raid, start, be in during progression ect.. ect... there HAS to be... i mean c'mon bro just looking for a little honesty here....
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100 Orc Warrior
not 1 player in current group worse then myself.... how would you judge? progression? nope... parses? nah.. hours raiding per week (we even) extended raids / extra days.. c'mon ya'lll beat me there. will admit loyalty was big with you guys....

It's pretty simple. This is about YOUR skill as an individual, not the group that's carrying you. I love how you join a supposed "top" guild for what a month(?) and all of a sudden their accomplishments are yours? A comparison of Unhallowed to any other guild in the world is irrelevant since this is about you and your delusional view of yourself. An average player at best as outlined above.

(a 10man guild that raids relaxed hours with this much turnover, with gm/officers willing to accept lesser players and wont replace due to performance *obviously me here right?* guess players are just quitting wow and dont want server 1st. damn life is tought)

No we don't replace due to performance. If that were the case you would have been out during T11 for not being able to interrupt as a rogue. I understand that you aren't the sharpest tool in the shed but how after all these years did you ever think we were a hardcore guild looking for the best players in the game when it's spelled our pretty clearly (either on our website or any recruitment post we made)?

High turnover? Our turnover has been relatively fantastic for the 3 years. In 3 years you listed 11 people. How many of those people left because of changing real life situations and how many left on bad terms? How that list shortens fast =)

That's why after 3 years we're still going and as consistent as ever while you're still hopping around trying to find a place where people can accept someone of your character and your mediocrity can be hidden by the play of others.
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100 Tauren Druid
Amazing you just cannot let it go can you.

And I know you well enough from the past to realize that your only way out now is to say this was all a masterful troll. And that is not the case here because you have been doing this for a very long time now. I've seen some very good trolls in my time in this game and you are not a troll and you are not trolling in this post.

I just went through a bunch of threads on this board and you are all over them. Most of your posts are backhanded compliments about others or egotistical statements about yourself. And if they are just jokes like you say at times....well you just are not that funny.

You continually bash your old guild and the people in it. You are making fun of our threes team which is hilarious. We played for points only.....not to brag and condescend. We used to lose game on purpose basically to keep our rating low cause we wanted our 8 wins and we wanted out of there. Who cares? Not us. You do.

Let me tell you all a little story about Dreamz which PERFECTLY illustrates everything you need to know about this guy. No this isn't a story about how a former clicker learned to keybind and then would publicly bash people about being clickers. That in itself gives you a little insight into the person.

As mentioned above, Dreamz transferred off server as a warlock and then came back with a shiny new Lich King normal kill. And boy did he let the server know about it. Non-stop bragging on trade chat....non-stop stroking of himself....well you get the picture. Well then he became a part of our raid and guess what? We had to explain every single fight in ICC to him and like our raid group which was fairly average....so was Dreamz. Keep in mind that he was doing that which he is so against...clicking.

Regardless, that story and your history of posting and actions tell me everything that I need to know about you. You are begging for approval and validation from people you will never meet in person. And that's fine. I have no problem with that. But you also beg for approval and validation from people by cutting others down.

Personally, I don't care what you say about me. I have a business and a mortgage and things that concern me way more than a miserable person like you. But when you start bagging on people that are good people that you and I really do not know. We had one healer who at times would be "out of it" for a few seconds. Well this guy was a military medic who took a flash bomb in the Middle East protecting ungrateful misanthropes like yourself. Not only did this account for his spells every once in a while, well it also eliminated his lifelong dream of being a doctor.

Fortunately all you said about him was one of your backhanded compliments.....a good standstill healer. You see what I mean by backhanded? You combine a compliment (good) with a slight (standstill). And you see it with such ease on a forum. What many people don't know is how brutally you discussed him in your "private" vent channel with the hunter.

The truth of the matter is that we took off as a guild after you left (with what we wanted to do). Our new rogue is 10 times the player you were and 100x the person. And I would have never felt the need to say this in a public forum had you not continually and consistently bashed us.

So I have some advice for you Dreamz. Do what Unhallowed does. If you feel like you are somewhat proficient at what you do, don't go posting about it all over the forums. Don't go bragging about it in trade chat. Stop making posts to the handful of pvp friends that you do have that you think are so clever but that anyone with half a mind finds painful to read.

Just let it go. Be a man and walk away and stop posting drivel about your old server and your old guild and how amazing you are at League of Legends and pvp and pve and life. Walk away. Do that and this thread will drop off the front page and nobody will ever talk about you again on this forum. Make me gain a tiny bit of respect back for you and let this thread drift off into oblivion.
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