looking for the son of chisto

15 Blood Elf Mage
I love you guys
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90 Tauren Hunter
TF do da gonk n poosh....Dreamz do da shyv shyv
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53 Blood Elf Paladin
might retire shyv and go full time support.

does that make me a lesser player?

although did have a shyv top lane last night vs a jayce... and stomp'd the jayce early... but it seems with everyone and there mother stacking black cleavers popping dragon form (defensive reasons) is meaningless now cuz armor has no meaning in this game anymore.

thinking champs like volibear or just high health champions in general are going to be the more sought after tanks now.

will admit do enjoy using the utility tree now as a support.... champs like soraka / janna / even sona (debatable cuz ya like sona lil tanky).
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53 Blood Elf Paladin
r.i.p poor conneticut kids.

puts life into a real perspective when a tragedy like this really happens. and makes all this sillyness which was on this thread seem pointless.

and for that. i will go on happy to still being able to live my life.

rip kids.. sad this had to happen.
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90 Human Priest
This thread makes me lol. But, now im bored.
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53 Blood Elf Paladin
mr mono athene lif.... need moar music!
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90 Undead Monk
Lesson is, never shake a baby.
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75 Undead Rogue
o its pve stuff
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100 Gnome Priest
Whoa how I did miss this lol
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