Possible New CRZ refugee with a question...

Hello VeCo,

I'm thinking of tranferring a toon to either VeCo or Emerald Dream. What makes VeCo look good are these forums, especially the welcoming feel for us fugees, and the lack of CSZ. I'm also stoked for world PvP and starting my new RP adventure (never RP'd before but it sounds like it brings an element to the game that makes it fantastic!)

My questions are....

(1) while questing and leveling can I expect to pvp against toons my level, or just get smashed by 90's the whole time?


(2) how easy is it to form groups while leveling on this server? On Proudmoore it can be terrible attemptin to find people to quest with!

I apologize for any typos or spelling errors (words are not my strong suite xD, I'm a numbers guy)

I will be rolling an undead priest tonight on this server to check it out. If anyone wants to quest or level with my my battletag is Hateanthem#1516.

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90 Gnome Rogue
1) As a recent transfer with a new set of alts, I can say that there's not a whole lot of ganking, and it's usually done to get a rise out of the PVPers in the CallToArms channel. There's a fair bit of world PVP between characters of the same level, depending on the zone (Arathi's been a hotspot whenever I've been there).

2) There's usually a few people who will help, depending on the hour and faction.

As a bit of an aside, I've heard a lot of people left VeCo for ED and regret their decision, but I'm only speaking of what I've been told.

Welcome to VeCo!
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I haven't seen anybody go out of his way to gank far lower levels here, only a few in Pandaria. Find the right guild, and they'll take care of anybody who messes with you.
This is a low population server and it shows, but again, if you find the right guild, you won't have trouble finding help for anything, like leveling, transmog runs, et cetera.
I'm not entirely sure where you're coming from, but I see that it's PvE and very high-population... you're going to find farming much easier, and you won't have trouble finding PvP of any sort; you'll have no trouble in starting RPing if you like. ED is also RP-PvP but you're gonna have to deal with a lot more people, for better or for worse. For worse, in my opinion.
Anyway, good luck making your decision, I do hope it works out.
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89 Blood Elf Paladin
Thanks for replying! <--- was Violence. I server transferred this toon last night to VeCo. I am really enjoying the realm. It is much quieter here than on Proudmoore, and I'm enjoying that. I rerolled a new main and joined a guild (hopefully a good one). I plan on checking the ally side out tonight. Thanks for your help!
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Welcome to the server! As one more aside, glad you chose us. To get a feel for ED, take a look at their forum...you'll see exactly the difference in the communities, and why I think you made the right choice coming here.

Finally, if you're looking for an Alliance guild, hope you'll take a look at the Guardians of Azeroth! ;-)
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
Welcome to veco! You picked a good guild, the grunts got a good fighting reputation and they will assist you to any problem you'll have. Remember to come here on the forum once in a while for more info on the server. We may be small, but we are a community nonetheless!

Also, don't join the Guardian of azeroth. They got gnomes in their ranks, GNOMES I SAY! You know who steals your RL socks at night? gnomes! And you know which guild ordered them to do so?

*Sips his tea* You can answer that last one.
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90 Pandaren Hunter
I moved here about a month ago... You choose wisely.

I only got ganked by a 90 for the first time yesterday on my alt... he killed me and moved on.
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