Hey everybody,

We are looking for two more dps for our challenge mode group. Our current makeup is blood DK , combat rogue and disc priest. It would be great to add a couple of ranged dps, but we will take good players of any class.

The end goal is to get all golds. Previous raid experience/evidence that you are not a failure is a plus. We would like to do challenge modes a few times a week during prime time and on the weekends during the day. We are busy people, so flexibility is a must.

We are members of Order of the Beatstick, a raiding guild from BC and Wrath which no longer raids. You are welcome to join the guild if you'd like, but it's certainly not a requirement.

If interested, reply to this thread or message Sacerdos, Malumbra or Deadwalters in game.
Edited by Sacerdos on 12/4/2012 9:40 PM PST