Rogue rant thread (im aware im a bad player)

43 Blood Elf Paladin
Ok so i'm an average player, never been good, seemed a lot more competitive in WOTLK though..

I'm not posting on my rogue cause i'm not ballsy enough har har, this isn't necessarily about my rogue though, it's about classes in general but mainly how bad rogues seem to be or rather how BS everything else is.

Just came out of a heroic, it's not important which one and yes i'm aware heroic dungeon dps isn't what ''really matters'' but for the AoE pulls the tank(pally) was pulling 40k, the hunter 50k, myself 70k(combat) and the shaman 160k(ele)

Now i viewed the shaman and yes he was better geared than myself and the others in the group but he problem being my recount reported that 99% yes f**king 99 PERCENT of his damage was from chain lightning, why does he get to press one button and do that, when i'm having to FoK and use my crappy crimson tempest, i'm not saying that it's hard for me to that but at least i have to manage energy and combo points rather than mash one key..

On the boss fights was tank(pally) 25k, hunter 60k, myself 65k and the shaman(ele) was bouncing from 95-120k, 75% of his overall damage being from lava burst and the rest was DoTs, i look over at my stats and melee was the highest 24%, deadly poison DoT 14.3%, main gauche 11%, sinister strike(my main f**king combo point builder/casted skill accounted for 9.1% of my damage followed by eviscerate, shadow blade, killing spree and deadly poison actual hits..

Why is our damage so passive, it's utterly ridiculous, this isn't just about shamans, monk tanks doing 60%+ of theirs from keg smash, mages with their 40% pyros, 40% arcane blasts, dks with their 30-40% howling blasts and obliterates, how can blizzard not think this is a problem?

i don't care if i get criticized, i've never claimed to be good but for all you negative nancys who are gonna be shutting me down with your hard knowledge, may i ask where your rogue is or why you never made one and levelled it to max?

TL;DR im a tosspot raging rogue
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90 Goblin Rogue
If you're combat, you're better off just cleaving unless the pack is huge.

If you want aoe, go assassination.

edit: yes, the amount of passive vs. active damage for rogues is something we've been trying to get blizzard to pay attention to for ages, with no hope in sight. They seem unwilling to change it, although if i'm not mistaken no other melee class is as passive as we are (especially assassination)
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
I love both Assassination & Combat. Though I've been using Combat more lately due to the slightly better weapons. If I ever get the dagger from Normal Stone Guards I'll be Assassination more.
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
Passive white damage and poisons have always been part of the rogue damage, but man do I miss my backstabs, mutilates and ambushes actually feeling fun to press. Don't get me wrong, it's pretty cool to be attacking at with white .7 seconds with SnD up and see a ton of numbers, it's just my opinion that more active damage would do wonders for us on heavy movement fights and in pvp along with making the rotation feel more involved and, agian my opinion, fun.

I'd love to see more active damage put into our finishers especially since they consume both energy and combo points (the only class in the game I'm aware of that uses two resources to use a spell). Strike that, Feral Druids have the same mechanic with their finishers. So Two classes, one of which is only one spec of said class among 4.

DKs runes or runic power
Spriests, mana or Orbs
Warlocks, mana, or embers/fury/shards
Monks, Energy/Mana or Chi
Paladin, Mana or Holy Power

Hunters, one resource Focus
Warriors, one resource Rage
Mage, one resource Mana (exception Arcane Charges for Arcane)
Shaman, one resource Mana (totems don't really count as a resource as they use mana)
Druid, Rage/Mana (Balance druids have a secondary resource, but it isn't consumed along with mana to cast a spell)

Then you have Rogues and Ferals.
Energy to generate combo points. Energy to use combo points. It's just kind of strange.

I wouldn't mind playing more like a monk and having finishers not cost energy, The nuanced difference is that Monks don't really have "finishers" their rotation is more of a build/use setup, where they don't get rewarded for using a 4 chi "finisher" since they weren't designed that way. Because of that, if they did remove the energy requirement, we still wouldn't play like Monks, because we'd still be rewarded for using 5pt finishers over 1-4 point ones for maximum effectiveness.


Remove energy costs on finishers, move some of that passive damage into more active damage.
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90 Gnome Rogue
Been a rogue for years as well, and I certainly don’t profess to be a master at it – I’d probably give myself a B+ in PVE.

However I do feel I’ve played long enough to say that I’ve always been comfortable between the specs, rarely noticing or even caring between whether I was Combat or Mutilate/Assassination. I’ve always liked Subtlety, but have never made it sing like the other two could for me.

Enter Pandaria.

I’m very happy with the class changes, with one anomaly. I haven’t figured it out yet why, but combat just seems far more finicky than assassination this expansion.

I’ve tweaked talents, played with gear and reforging. Regardless of what I do I just seem to make Mutilate a more reliable and consistent DPS output choice (with the exception of the Blade Flurry optimal fights like the Stone Guard).

Griefs with combat:

• Killing Spree is my bane – properly timing this with boss mechanics and decent stacks of Bandit’s Guile is a mini-game in itself.
• I have the suspicion that I am not avoiding boss mechanics optimally when in Combat spec, and my passive white damage is falling off/taking a hit from this.

Essentially I’ve always followed the weapon drops for my “main spec”. But this expansion so far, whenever I can go to Assassination, I shadowstep right over there and don’t look back.

TLDR -- This time around, I am heavily leaning towards Mutilate/Assassination even though I have higher iLvl weapons for combat. I am just not able to make Combat work consistently in Pandaria like I used to do in previous expansions.
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