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90 Night Elf Druid
We're a casual alliance guild looking for mature and friendly members. We are raiding Tuesday 7:30 - 10pm and Friday 8 - 10:30pm (server/CST), but need more members who would like to come regularly.

What Are We?
Parallel is a mature social guild that enjoys all aspects of the game’s content. We aren’t a dedicated raiding guild, but many of us enjoy 10-man raiding twice a week.

What’s Our Schedule Like?
Our members vary in location across the US from the East to the West coast (even Hawaii). We have a few members in Australia, and some that spend extended amounts of time out of the country in places like China. We’re usually most active during the evenings and on weekends of server time (Central).

Due to scheduling conflicts our raid nights have been a bit sparse, so we're looking for a few more raiders so we can raid regularly again. We are raiding on Tuesday nights from 7:30 - 10 CST (server time) and Fridays from 8-10:30 CST (server time).

What Is Our Structure Like?
This is one of the things that sets us apart from most guilds. Our guild leader position is just a token position, and tends to rotate around to the alts of active/established players. They’re responsible for setting guild bank permissions and repair allowances, as well as moving people around in the ranks (mainly demoting inactive players and promoting new alts of current members). We don’t have a traditional hierarchy. An Authenticator, an active presence, and a general trust from other members is all that is required for the highest ranks.

Our guild is just a group of adult friends hanging out together. We treat each other with respect, and when we have conflicts we discuss them like adults. There is no dictatorship, no overseer dealing with drama and doling out punishments. Group decisions are usually made by via forum discussion. Our raids and other group activities can be compared to a group of friends getting together for a game of basketball, a board game night, or a session of D&D.

What Would Make You A Good Fit?

  • You can behave like a mature adult and avoid causing drama
  • You enjoy playing WOW with friends, and participating in heroics, scenarios, PVP, raiding, achievement gathering, pet/mount collecting, transmog farming, leveling alts, or just running in circles around Stormwind chatting in green text
  • You understand that real life comes first

Other Random Items of Note
We have a forum on GuildLaunch, and a Vent server for voice chat. We are also level 25 in-game if that is something you care about.

We’re not looking for any specific classes or specs - whatever you enjoy playing is what you should play! Many of us play hybrid classes or have well-geared alts that can be pulled in to fill holes in raid-makeup. With that said, a tank shortage is one of the things we’ve noticed most likely to occur.

Raiding is something that anyone can participate in, regardless of previous experience or regular availability. We just sign up when we can make it, and make our best effort to be there on time. If something comes up at the last minute or we’re stuck in traffic, Twitter or Mobile Gchat make it easy to notify the raid leader. If too many signups occur, a best effort is made to rotate in players who didn’t get a chance to go on the previous raid(s), and preference is given to those who show up on time. We may not be the most progressed guild, but we enjoy working as a team to slay the mighty internet dragons. It’s not lack of skill, but the evil schedule boss that has been the biggest preventer of progression in the past. Jokes and silliness are also more than welcome.

We have many members who aren’t interested or can’t commit the time to raiding, and that’s completely OK. Raiding is one of my personal interests, so I may have overly called it out in this post, but it is not the expectation. Some members are new parents that can’t commit to large amounts of time in-game, and have difficulty even getting through a heroic. Some members are busy with school or have difficult job schedules. Some members just prefer to spend their game time questing or collecting pets.

What To Do If You’re Interested
We don’t have a formal application process. If you’re interested, or have questions, contact me or anyone you spot in "/who Parallel" in game.
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