Monks - Masters of overhealing

90 Pandaren Monk
A small complaint.

No matter what I do, I am always very high on over-healing. I know it's not my fault it's the nature of our heals being smart-controlled instead of user controlled in conjunction with the majority of them being hots or aoe heals.

It's just frustrating because not only am I high on overhealing, but paladins double my healing in similar gear.

I'm not asking for nerfs, just wondering if this is a known thing.

Monk healers are far from the highest HPM healers (some even double our output after these latest changes) and yet we tend to almost always be top or near top for overhealing.
This feels like a design flaw.
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42 Draenei Mage
Sounds like you're uplifting when you don't need to, or someone in your group is sniping you pointlessly.
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90 Pandaren Monk
We run pally, shaman, monk for heals.

I don't usually uplift unless there are actually people who need the heal, mostly I keep soothing going on the tank (or if someone else in raid needs spot heals) and keep RM going out as much as I can.

If I see a big damage area coming I'll store up some chi to do a couple uplifts or chi bursts.

Or if I see big dmg coming on tank I'll hit him with a EM as soon as the ability starts.

I try to maximize soothing because of the statue doubling it I see it as the most effective heal really we have.

The only other time I do anything is if I have max chi just to not waste chi procs and to build tea up.
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90 Night Elf Druid
It's a known thing. ReM overhealing is absurd yet it's essential to keep nearly 100% uptime on it for most encounters just because we will need to uplift later.

Just enjoy the gimmicky fights with lots of aoe healing (although they are far more frequent in HMs) and pray blizz doesn't balance our numbers around our potential throughoutput because of those gimmicky encounters because then our real output potential will be non competitive.

*edit to accomodate your new post*
Guessing you run 10m since youve only mentionned 3 heals. Just run Chi Wave instead of Chi Burst for 10m, using ReM on CD makes uplift and chi burst overlap a lot (unlike in 25 where chi burst spread dmg evenly accross so many more targets resulting in far less overhealing from it)

Just Jab and Chi Wave on CD instead of SoM/EM you will get significantly more effective healing. SoM really sucks particularily when paired with a hpal. Holy shock just covers small spot heals making SoM mostly overhealing. EM is the same excepted it gets replaced by direct heals more often than not such that your last 2-3 ticks will wind up as overhealing.

Basically unless the damage span is absurd, EM requires very specifically designated healing asignments to the point where neither the hpal or sham would cast direct heals on your target...

kinda like you need other healers to be god awful to do any decent at tank/spot healing - It's a known issue as well, just spam healing spheres underneath tanks if you wanna dodge overhealing but it's not viable with the current state of our mana :)
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90 Pandaren Monk
Thanks for the advice, I will try that
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90 Blood Elf Priest
I posted this in another thread, it should explain why monks work that way a bit.

It's kind of like throwing a bucket of water at a crowd and hoping it hits who you want, In this case if it's a must that you hit certain people your going to need a lot of buckets and a lot of people who never needed the water are going to get wet.. EI over healing, it's part of how monks work.

It's everything that drove me nuts healing on a Druid, without the ease of use.
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