brazilians in our battlegroup


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i must say is messed up, you cant talk to most of them, and on top of that when you queue for a random and u get a group full of them your doomed to failure if they dont know what they are doing. so i ask WTF IS BLIZZARD THINKING, fix this send them to their own battlegroup in the latin american servers were at least they will be understood
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Holy generalizations and run-on sentences, Batman.
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Careful, they'll be taking your spot in your guild soon.
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Chora mais, noob.
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12/06/2012 01:22 PMPosted by Moxie
Holy generalizations and run-on sentences, Batman.
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Members of SW here? Wow, you guys really are bored.
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I kinda agree with this. I've been in several LFR runs where one of the tanks was from a LA server, and didn't know the fights. The language barrier prevented us from being able to tell him what needed to be done, and we wound up having to kick him simply because we couldn't get across to him because of the language.

I think Blizz did drop the ball with this, and the OP has a point. Give them their own battlegroup so they are grouped within the same language group.
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All prejudices aside, I have never in my entire WoW career, encountered an individual from LA servers that could

A: Understand their characters mechanics or the game's.
B: Speak more than two words in english.
C: Not be bad!

That being said, I feel them having their own battlegroup makes a whole lot more sense then attempting to integrate them into North American server groups so that they will have a more positive gameplay experience. I understand playing with literally 99.9999999% scrubs must suck on your own regions server groups, but that's what happens when you choose to live in a near 3rd world county. Why should we all have to suffer because they don't want to be stuck with themselves?
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01/03/2014 04:45 AMPosted by Äniyis
All prejudices aside

I'm not convinced that you know what that means.
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01/03/2014 08:19 AMPosted by Zey
All prejudices aside

I'm not convinced that you know what that means.

It's like saying, "no offense, but..."
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Dang, bud, you're sounding like me in my old days. Turn around your life.
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I am sick of it. I play healer most of the time and almost every pug the tank speaks no english and healers and tanks HAVE to be able to communicate. Just now I healed a group and i was the only one speaking english, so when I asked the mage to stop tanking he could not understand.
Bizzard.. why are you allowing this? I am just fed up with it.
Its not racism!!!! Its a communication issue!!!
Can you imagine the military if they spoke different languages?
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I do find it annoying to not be able to understand what they say but that's not their fault, but come on, not like dungeons are hard on any level. Been in dungeons where a tank will chain pull all the way to bosses and no one says a word the entire dungeon. There is not one dungeon from 15-90 that you absolutely need to communicate for.

As far as dps tanking, let em die. Don't need to communicate for that either. I tank a lot of dungeons on my hunter here, if I die, that's my fault.
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Honestly, this is just a reality in both the real world and in WoW. I would bet 90% of the time when people see a primarily Spanish or Brazilian speaking server name, they immediately make a comment in chat about the lack of English. Most of the time these people speak a decent amount of English, but decide that they do not want to bother because they see people being dicks. Realize that most people in this world speak more than one language and Americans tend to not, unless they have a primary language that isn't English.

Put your big boy or girl pants on and be nice to others. If you see people come in say welcome, see what they say, don't just immediately go "damn it, they're from (server name)." If you have someone in a primary role like a tank and you need to communicate with them google translate is wonderful. Yes some things come out broken, but it will at least get the point across.

Let's just respect each other as I'm sure there are plenty of issues with the English speaking players from the others' points of view.
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