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I am recruiting for a new guild called Hope Shez Lvl Eighteen on Magtheridon, Alliance. Right now it has only my toons in it. We are open to all players regardless of level, class, experience, etc. I love healing but my highest healer is only level 60 right now and am great DPS, not much of a tank. My wife and I have used the guild as a bank for 6 months or more and she recently decided to play on a RP server, so it's just me now. I tend to be a lone wolf player, but that is changing as, in a game like WoW this can certainly limit the experience. I am open to making this guild whatever people want it to be. I play as often as I can, usually 5 or more days a week for at least some period of time. If someone wants to join I can offer them just about anything they could want out of guild. We may not have guild perks yet but we can work together to level the guild and if things work out people can work their way up the ranks to eventually be Assistant G.M. or Officers, depending on people's strengths especially those that have been there from the beginning.

I have all 11 of my characters on this server from level 41-85 in the guild, (1 of each class in the guild). They are all earning guild experience and in less than a week the guild is more than half way to level 2. I'd be happy to use any and all of my characters to help you with whatever you need at your level. I'm open to doing just about anything as long as it is for the good of your characters and the guild. I don't have much raid experience, but I do have some. I PVP some, have characters of all professions and have the guild bank with 6 tabs full of useful items and many more in my characters personal banks. One idea I think would be cool to do for newer players (I've only been playing 1 year now by the way, Cata baby :/) is to go back and do all of the old dungeons and raids and as we level work our way up to the current content. I'm sure there are many like me who started playing recently and haven't done a lot of the old dungeons and raids that are still around.

So if you bared through that rank, wow you're patient! Feel free to message me in game or post here if you have more questions. I'd be happy to help you level in general or level professions and get any achievements you'd like. I like helping people and it would be beneficial to all involved. Thanks!
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90 Night Elf Hunter
Bump ^ Halfway to level 3.
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