Just a thank you note.

90 Worgen Warrior
I'm going to start off by saying to all of you, yes I'm qq'er. Yes, I'm complaining because I'm getting raped in pvp and I should shut up and learn how to play my class. Sure.
I'd also like to say, no, I'm not fotm. Warrior has been my favorite class for years. No, I'm not some scrub player (I may not have a fancy arena title or high standing like a lot of hard core players, but I do play often and know when I'm being cheated.)

Recently, the update to WoW was supposed to "fix" and "balance" warrior's Pvp abilities. The solution was to nerf silencing and Avatar. I'd be ok with this, if it didn't take away our only silence. Pummel now gives a 4 second silence if and only if it interrupts a spell being cast, and only silences spells from that type. Avatar now only breaks the cc currently on you.

Granted, we have shockwave, and that provides a nice 4 second stun, and we have spell reflect, which is great for screwing over anyone trying to get a chaos bolt kill. Charge is also great for a 1.5 second stun. All of that is fantastic.

Mages: Fighting a mage on a warrior definitely takes some considerable skill. Once you are cc'd, you have to make the terrible choice of WHEN to use your avatar. If you decide being a Popsicle is not for you and you use Avatar to break CC, they're probably just going to CC you again, and if they don't, prepare to be sheeped. If you get lucky and are able to break cc with avatar and reflect the polymorph, they'll probably break it using insignia or some other tool they have to get rid of it, and freeze you again, then cast a few spells, and there you go, dead.

Priests: For Priests, it's difficult. Like everyone else, if it's a bad player its going down. If they know how to kite and cc, you're most likely screwed. For fighting a priest, the fight, like most others, depends on timing with your cd's. Sure, you can't be feared once enraged with Berserker Rage, but only lasts 6 seconds, and if you're still in the favored pvp spec of Arms, you don't become enraged too often. So, 1 fear breaker. You can't reflect it, due to it being an aoe. If you can get passed the fear, there is the psyfiend who will probably fear you, or the shackles which you can break using Avatar, only to be feared again. Now what do you do? You don't have a ranged silence, and at this point if you're not dead, you have a 3 minute cd on Avatar, and your fear breaker has a 30 second cd. If you do some how manage to get them down, all they have to do is fear you , then get off a heal for half their health or more in most cases.

For fighting ALL healers, unless they suck, you cannot kill them without a partner. You cannot silence them, and all you have to rely upon is 1 stun. That's it. If its a druid or pally, you can't snare, because all they do is shapeshift/hand of freedom, and they're off. you can't silence them unless you catch them in a cast, in which case all they have to do is their instant casts, wait till their cc's are up, and continue. Fighting a druid is insane as it is, no cd on Cyclone, are you kidding me? I've been in matches where I'm cycloned THE ENTIRE TIME. You have 1 thing to get you out, insignia of the alliance, once that's used, you're cycloned again.

Warlocks: Oh where to start... These guys put out some crazy damage, I love warlocks. But think it's fair to say, no one likes fighting them. Get 3 chaos bolt combo on you for insta kill... always a good way to die. They fear you, Berserker Rage, for 6 second freedom...h wait, no, they stun you, then fear you again. I haven't been Immune to a warlock's mutliple fears since Cata. Not to mention they have mortal coil if they give up their stun, so you're feared for 3 seconds no matter what. Their combat heal is op in my opinion, due to it restoring 30% hp as they run about with health stones.
(seriously, if you know how to destroy locks, let me know, I get complained about being a warrior with "OP" damage, but when compared to all the other classes, I can't make the connection here.)

Dks: Blood only. Yes, I'm whining about blood death knights. The amount of healing they do for themselves and damage is unbelieveable. In two different group now, we've taken down his or her partner only for the blood dk to beat us. With a resto/ele sham, and a feral druid with my warrior. We'll get him down almost to death, then boom full hp. Wtf is a tank spec doing beating two dps specs in player vs player? And it's not just one dk! There are some pretty bad ones out there, but multiple different blood dks besting us is ridiculous.

I play lock, paladin, mage, dk, shaman, and Warrior. Deathroamer is my main because for me, there's nothing more satisfying than imagining your enemies screams once you get that perfect execute on someone for 120k plus. We're not the only ones with a devastating finishing move, but it's the most satisfying for me.

That's all I have for now, this thread is long enough. Warrior's damage being op? I'll buy it if you're below 20% hp. Otherwise, if you're not a melee class and we're still keeping up with you, you really need to change classes. The only time we beat casters is if we're lucky or they need lessons on how to play their class. With no silence utility, and Avatar nerfed, I don't see how we are to compete in pvp with caster type classes. Even Paladins have more stuns than we do and can use them more often.

So, this is just a thank you for for tl;dr on a fotm scrub warrior qqing because now I'm getting raped. But, that's fair, right? that's long overdue and deserved, right?
Thank you for reading!
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90 Human Warrior
The only ranged class I have serious issues with are hunters because they are the most slippery. A note on what your problem may be at the bottom.

Warlocks? I don't tend to have problems with warlocks 1v1 ever unless they are very overgeared which doesn't really count. The only way they have to really get away is a teleport on a 30 second CD. You can stop a fear with pummel/zerker rage/shockwave/stormbolt/intimidating shout if you have to. All shorter cd's than your trinket. They stun you with shadowfury? Great, they can get some damage off or crawl away snared. Charge them if they crawl away if they don't go back to beating them down.

Ret pallies I truly feel sorry for. They have one stun on a longer CD than ours. They have to give up dancing steel for disarm reduction. If you can survive their Wrath CD by using disarm/fear/stuns/Leap they have a difficult time breaking second wind.

Blood DK's I just do not understand how your being killed. Blood DK's tend to do lackluster Dps and with assisted stuns again tend to not break second wind. They should not outheal your damage either.

Priests seriously? They have a 30 second fear and we have a 30 second fear break rendering scream rather useless. Using reflect/pummel/stuns you can hamper their ability to build orbs with Mind Blast.

Mages I hate but after the patch with the large nerf to Ice Barrier you can at least get damage on them.

Pick up stormbolt, your burst is still good w/o avatar and stormbolt is more versatile than heroic throw with Gag was. Do not base anything around Fury Pve w/o raid buffs specifically the Crit buff. Fury can do impressive burst with reck but aside from that its sustained damage is far lower than Arms.

You have 41% more HK's than I do and I made this Warrior a few weeks after the season started. Yes I'm a dreaded reroller but, I went warrior for more sustained damage and passive healing not a one shot macro.
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90 Worgen Warrior
I definitely do Arms for pvp. I used to do fury because it "wasn't" supposed to matter, but that's obviously not the case. I'll definitely give stormbolt a go, thank you for the advice. Hunter's I never have an issue with, usually stamp them out fairly quickly. I don't seem to have your luck with locks. I have yet to fight one who wasn't able to keep me cc'd in some fashion the entire fight. Every blood dk I have fought has been well geared and we have been unable to beat his healing with anything. 30 second cd on fear? When was the last time you fought one, I get feared so often vs priests I try going for Rage 3-4 times before the cd is up.
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90 Human Warrior
Okay..I honestly can't take this post even remotely serious. I'm not here to say !@#$ bad and learn your class or anything...but you need to know if you're having so many issues then you're obviously doing something wrong. The nerfs that went in for warriors were needed and I'm honestly surprised we didn't get hit harder. I am dealing with the same nerfs you were and having ZERO issues doing damage, staying on my target, doing constant cc, and still being able to live through opposing damage. It's about learning proper rotation of cd's, and learning to not panic when people target you.

I'm not sure why warrios find it necessary to come onto forums and wine about this class. It's not hard to play this game in general, and with the way they have our class setup now it's even more faceroll. Just learn what you're doing, watch how vids if you need to. There's a million and one different ways to better your playstyle, and a million more ways to lock down an enemy target.
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86 Human Warrior
12/05/2012 10:24 PMPosted by Deathroamer
yes I'm qq'er. Yes, I'm complaining because I'm getting raped in pvp and I should shut up and learn how to play my class. Sure.

If you understand these things,

Why are you here?
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90 Human Warrior
The only class i'm having trouble with 1v1 would be Mages, i can beat most.. But if they're good, it's usually pretty tricky to stay stuck to one..

Apart from that, most classes are easy for me.. Could it be that i've played most classes in the game and know roughly what they are going to do? Or that i've played this Warrior for 8 years? idk.. All i can say is if you want to get better, get some gear, and watch some top end pvpers(reckful, Veve, etc..) Learn from them
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90 Orc Shaman
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90 Undead Mage
Worgen Male

Arms Warrior

Negative Win/Lose in 2v2.

This game is too hard.
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90 Human Warrior
If you want to screw a blood DK over you first have to wear him down and get the first Will of Necropolis "didn't spell it right and don't care" out. You'll see him runetap and feel the reduced damage. You then have to chain some CC on him something like.

Shockwave-Disarm-Fear-Charge-Stormbolt. This gives you a nice window where they cannot use Death Strike.

Most hunters backpedal and die but a decent one who uses master's call can break your snare and easily move away. They have trouble with second wind but if they Crit either Killshot they will generally be able to take me down. In 1v1 scenarios I've actually had some luck fearing the hunter and killing his pet. Usually they don't break it immediatly wondering what I'm doing.

My average lock fight goes something like this. Charge and attack - warlock uses shadowfury and fears - zerker rage leap - Unending Resolve "protected fear" - Shockwave to buy time - casts 2nd protected fear - eat the fear - charge when fear breaks - warlock down.

I left out a few abilities because I don't normally use them but if I feel I need it using Intimidating shout when they unending resolve "protected fears" will waste their 3 minute CD where they cannot be interrupted.
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90 Undead Warrior
Resilience has destroyed PVP for me, especially the MoP changes.

I don't feel any less powerful on my warrior than I do on any of my other classes when I PVP.
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90 Human Mage
Priests seriously? They have a 30 second fear and we have a 30 second fear break rendering scream rather useless. Using reflect/pummel/stuns you can hamper their ability to build orbs with Mind Blast.

Psyfiend fixes this... 7 second fear into 4 second fear into 1 second fear, then the DR resets a few seconds later for Spectral Guise fear.

Blood DK's I just do not understand how your being killed. Blood DK's tend to do lackluster Dps and with assisted stuns again tend to not break second wind. They should not outheal your damage either.

They pop Dancing Rune Weapon, stack necrotics for a few seconds and that counters Second Wind fairly easily, and then just a few Death Strikes with their On-Use trinket popped.

Not to mention that if they're not half retarded, they'll save IBF and AMS for when the warrior is in real trouble, so they won't be able to get feared or stunned.

That + IBF glyph = 1.5 minute cd, and a 2 minute trinket - not to mention if they are an undead blood dk and they have Will for other fears, and 45s AMS cd.

12/05/2012 11:19 PMPosted by Goldenxena
Mages I hate but after the patch with the large nerf to Ice Barrier you can at least get damage on them.

Just this:

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