Dragon Kite ruined or bugged?

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I see Dragon Kite, which is my favorite novelty item in the game and was very expensive, was completely changed and/or is bugged. It now flies right next to me, which i'm guessing was an intended change now that i see it was made a battle pet (which i have no interest in). It no longer changes different colors when summoned either. I bought this item over 3 years ago and have loved it, now you just up and change it for pet battles, or what is hopefully a bug. It doesn't even fly in the air anymore.....
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89 Human Paladin
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This is what I got in reply to a ticket I sent in about the pet. It's ruined... on purpose.

'Hey there, GM Numanija checking in.

After the most recent patch the Dragon Kite is now usable for pet battles. In order to pull this off, some concessions had to be made, especially what you mentioned. It's lower to the ground, sticks to one color and doesn't have the lightning animation due to the programming used to convert this little guy into being able to battle.

I know how it is getting attached to a little something in game then one day it changes out of the blue. If you think this pet needs to have some of it's old glory back, then please toss your 2 copper at our game developers who make these changes. You can post up on the forums or use the suggestion option located in the window you used to reach me. We value every bit of feedback to make the game more enjoyable so it's greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time and let us know if you need anything else.


Game Master Numanija'
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I was just about to post about this. Yeah, I don't like the changes either. It still has the lightning effect, but doesn't change colors anymore. It looks kind of silly flying so low to the ground too. I just wish they'd revert it, I don't really care if I can battle with it or not.
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I WOULD RATHER IT NOT BE ABLE TO BATTLE... I WANT MY COLOUR CHANGING DRAGON KITE BACK........ THIS IS PURE BS..... alot of ppl paid alot of irl money for that kite because of all its unique abilitys as a non combat pet... now it is totally ruined.... it was fine the way it was... just another screw up on blizz's part that is slowly making me want to quit this game.
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