ilvl 481 protection paladin looking for somewhat casual but progressed raiding guild. I've got years of raiding experience, if you want specifics I can contact you ingame.

I have geared both my retribution and holy specializations (470 and 468 respectively) and I'm happy to swap to them when it's deemed necessary, however first and foremost I am a tank.

I'd prefer to raid for around 3 hours a night (more than that and I just start to feel a bit exhausted) and if possible for 3 days a week (but I can see doing more than 3 days a week).

I'd prefer to raid a bit earlier in the night (maybe a 5/6/7pm start onward, however I'm aware a lot of guilds prefer to start around 8pm, so I'm willing to start later, but figured I'd bring it up anyway).

My progression in MoP content thus far is:
2/6 MSV (H)
4/6 HoF (N)

I'm hoping for a bunch of people that aren't too serious, willing to accept the occasional !@#$-up and are hoping to get a bit stupid with me. An active guild is definitely something I'm after as well, I'm rather active so I hope to find people who are on often and up for things, not just a group of people who log on for raids and never at any other time.

If I've peaked your interest please, you feel I left out some important information or if you have any questions please comment.

Thanks for your time.