How come no one talks about PvE warlocks here

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So many things wrong with this I can't possibly explain them all. Raidbots is not a census site. They only aggregate parses posted online. It cannot possibly be use to indicate the true populations of any class.

It's way better than individuals who say 'I think this with no data beyond my own experience'.

I don't know what you mean by true populations.
It is a very large sampling of guilds that are raiding above LFR content and are logging it.
It does not represent those that do not log their encounters, nor those that attempt but don't kill a boss.
If you have a better data source, would like to know.
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12/13/2012 08:19 AMPosted by Fatty
God bless your MoP dev.

You mean the one that was fired? lol

Yes. You should sit in fear for what is to come now.
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To whoever claimed they don't need addons to manage dots, I think you should step outside of LFR before making those claims.

I'm not going to claim to be a great lock, but I think I hold my own. There are fights where I'm on top and there are fights where I'm in the middle, which is why blizzard hasn't touched us. I also believe that Affliction sims better than it plays. People quote simcraft way too much, especially when those numbers are based on a patchwerk fight. There are no patchwerk fights as far as I'm concerned in this tier of content. There are some light movement fights and some very heavy movement fights depending on your role.

I will agree that wrath through cata was devastating to the warlock community. I do see a lot of people leveling warlocks probably after looking at simcraft numbers, but I think a very small percentage of those will stick with the class. There is quite a big difference between a skilled and unskilled warlock.
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To whoever claimed they don't need addons to manage dots, I think you should step outside of LFR before making those claims.

I don't use an addon to manage my DoTs. Never have and I have played since Vanilla. I just watch the spell icons under the nameplate.

IMO, what's most important is watching procs from trinkets/weapons/etc and putting up Dots when they're up. Which is why I use Needtoknow to track procs and internal cds.
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12/14/2012 11:42 AMPosted by Booticalls
To whoever claimed they don't need addons to manage dots, I think you should step outside of LFR before making those claims.

Don't use add-ons to manage DoTs, ranked top 25 on WoL on all fights in MSV 10N (except Spirit Kings) and ranked on Garalon 10N.
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Smallest player base means any issues fall off the first page really quickly.

Not on the first page = no discussion.
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Since the in thing to do now for affliction is go below hit cap that means you will see wider swings in parses than if everyone were hit capped. Higher high's and lower low's....however only the peaks get captured/ranked. Thus aff sims and ranks (when you get lucky) pretty well but looks stronger on paper than it actually is. I'm not saying its weak, its among the best, but its not OP. There are many fights where aff is midpack at best (if the other dps do their part on par w' the lock) and there are fights aff does well on. That is probably why we haven't seen pve aff nerfs.

I've run ALOT of simcraft playing with stats, gearing, etc and the low hit cap thing fades as you sneak up on 4pc or into some heroic gear. In other words a good bit of the advantage/power you have seen is no different than early on in prev tiers when hunters needed less hit/exp/etc than other classes thus has a stat lead short term.

Addons are a bit of personal thing to make a blanket statement about. Some people could do it with or without, some couldn't. Think of it like IRL marksmanship...some people have amazing eyesight and can shoot at range without optics or with minimal optics while others (due to age/eyesight/etc) might need a bit more scope. Also keep in mind many of the locks that are still around have been on the toon a long long time and can probably run mental dot timers on 3x targets in their head while someone chases them with a chainsaw.
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