A little about us

Some of us have been raiding together since Naxx, and 99.9% of the time enjoy each others company. We've currently broken off from our former guild because of some unfixable issues that have risen, to form a tight knit raiding guild with common goals in place. Some may think we are all related in RL the way we (Dark and Kati, mostly) take shots at each other but are willing to drop just about everything to help one another out. We are located on a west coast server so all guild events are in PST.

Where we would like to see the guild head

Progression is our main goal with fun in a close second place, we are stocking the guild bank with flasks, potions, and 300 stat raiding foods with gems, enchanting mats, and funds for best in tier BoE gear slowly coming in (We have built funds in the past for raiding without much issues so we are capable of doing it again). But supplying raiders with the best stuff takes effort from everyone so we are all expected to put in the time doing so, we also realize that RL can get crazy at times and wont hold against anyone as long as it doesn't become habit.

Our raids

We use Ventrilo as our communication. We usually start our raids at 5:45 server but can be pushed later for someone if need be. We usually raid 2-3 hours a night with a 2-3 nights a week, Monday through Friday. Days and times have not been set in stone but will be once we can ALL agree. Attendance is a must, like I said before RL can throw curve balls at you and we understand but we also expect to you try and notify someone by text (most of us have each others numbers) or by other ways, i.e. remote chat. Loot is handled through loot council. We also use World of Logs.

We are currently looking for 3 DPS. All specs will be considered, but the top priority is currently a rogue, or enhancement shaman.

We are looking for a balanced raid where we are less likely to be disenchanting gear or fighting over the same token, (We ran into that problem in DS) if your class is not not listed by all means still contact us if you think you'll fit in our family.

What we are looking for out of an individual

Someone that knows their class and is willing to put in the hours to become the best they can be. We don't want to be carrying people through anything, that's not saying we wont help gear someone up for herioc raids. Have your geared gemmed reforged and enchanted (Understandable if you don't want to put the costly weapon enchant on a blue weapon, but at least have something), and know your stat priority. We can help you out, but only to a point. Be respectful to others, if you screw up then admit it, we all have those moments. just don't start blaming RNG for everything.

If you would like to hear more, or are interested in joining us contact one of us (Even Dethkeeper!) by in game whispers, or Dark, his real Id is redtail#1409.
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