What's the BEST professions (x2) for DPS

90 Orc Warrior
Hey fellas, just thought to ask what people thought were the best PvE raid professions for a FURY warrior (GEARED). I am currently 600 JC and 600 Mining (don't ask me why). I obviously want to change mining to either: Blacksmithing, Engineering, Alchemy or Skinning (for the crit buff). Do the added perks of engineering outweigh the pros of the other professions? Is the crit buff from skinning more viable than a stat boost in another area? (since crit>str for fury warriors now).

Please be in-depth and analytic on your suggestions, i'm out for the best.

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90 Worgen Hunter
Engineering or Blacksmithing.

What pros do the other professions have that Engineering doesn't? In the worse case, the glove tinker averages out the same stat bonus as all the other professions get. In the best case, its way better, especially if it syncs with your other CDs.
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90 Goblin Warlock
Tailoring as well. Tailoring being a proc doesn't interfere with on use trinkets unless they changed the eng tinker with MoP and you can somewhat time a tailor embroider.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
As fury, gemming crit>gemming str.

Because of this you want anything that allows you to do so.

BS is good
JC is good
Hell, skinning is just as good too, but lacks the versatility of different stats for an OS

Engi is fun to have, level it if you really want it. I wouldn't not get it simply because its a very slight dps loss over the others. It's your choice to make. Although engi is better when you don't have an on-use trinket, it's still a dps increase over mining :)
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