Constructive Windwalker Monk Feedback (PVE)

90 Pandaren Monk
Wall of text warning.

Firstly - I love my monk to death. I really, really do. For background info, I'm mainspec windwalker, but I tank fairly frequently as well. I'm a PVE player, and I love soloing older content and Brawler's Guild (which, by the way, is awesome). I don't know much at all about the state of monks in PVP, so I won't comment on that. Alright moving on.

The good:

  • The windwalker rotation is fun. It's part tracking cooldowns, part managing procs, and part paying attention to building/spending resources (energy, chi, tigereye brew). In terms of spec design, it's definitely one of the more entertaining DPS specs to play, and does feel unique and distinct.
  • Our overall damage is about where it should be. Looking at raidbot's data (which is based on parses, not simulations), we're roughly middle of the pack, which I'm fine with. A good fire mage can still be beaten by a better monk, with some effort. We're competitive.
  • Our utility skills are great, and fit the monk 'flavor' well. Diffuse magic, dampen harm, touch of karma (my personal favorite), and expel harm are all defensive skills that can be used offensively - to survive Earthquake on Feng, to last longer on Elegon without having to reset stacks, ditto for Tsulong, etc. This is fantastic, as there's a real incentive to play defensively and give the healers a hand.
  • The spec fits the ideal of 'easy to learn, hard to master.' Almost any player could pick up a monk and learn quickly how to use RSK, TP, BoK, and cooldowns to do fairly good dps. Good players will learn how to time Energizing Brew to avoid energy capping, use Tigereye Brew in combination with other temporary effects, when it's most effective, and make sure to always hit RSK as soon as it's off cooldown. Great players will learn to weave Fists of Fury into the rotation properly, which we know is difficult, but doable.

The bad:

  • Mastery is unappealing. Having a random proc as part of the rotation is fun; it keeps it fresh and interesting. However, a proc at the wrong time can easily lead to unavoidable energy capping and wasted damage, reducing the value of mastery significantly. This could be helped by reducing the chance for Mastery to proc, but giving those procs some bonus damage to compensate (like an x% chance on Jab
  • It's way too easy to GCD cap at this level of gear. With ~5500 haste (avg 494 ilvl gear) and speccing into Ascendance, I find myself with more energy than I can spend occasionally, especially during Bloodlust. The recent FoF haste scaling fix helped, but hasn't completely fixed the capping issue. GCD capping is an issue that should really only come up in the final tier of raid gear for an expansion, not immediately after launch (relatively speaking). I know more tweaks will come with 5.2 and beyond, but something like reducing base energy regen and increasing weapon DPS scaling to compensate would go a long way towards a solution that could last through the rest of Mists.
  • Windwalker burst is weak. Xuen is useful for a sustained damage increase, but the spec doesn't really have any buttons that feel like an "it's go time" effect. I understand that not all classes need to be able to burst hard, but it feels like if a situation comes up where we need to blow everything and go balls to the wall, nothing much changes. Maybe Energizing Brew could remove the cooldown on RSK for the duration, or there could be a glyph to make Tigereye Brew slowly stack up out of combat (and therefore start combat with a 10stack). Maybe we could get a cooldown (or effect tied to an existing skill) that gives a buff to crit chance and/or crit damage bonus while causing criticals to heal a nearby ally for x% of the damage done, or something like that. It feels like there's a piece of the puzzle missing here, is basically what I'm saying.
  • Our primary raid utility CD, Zen Meditation, is (currently) fairly useless. The 90% damage reduction to self is nice to have, and glyphed it's even more useful for ourselves, but the spell redirection effect - while an interesting theory - doesn't apply to practically anything in current raid content. There are no situations where I feel that using Zen Meditation would help the raid outside of keeping myself alive. If I'm wrong here, please let me know. For some examples, most of the big-hit magic effects in the current tier - Lei Shi's Sprays, Tsulong's and Elegon's breaths, etc - count as AoE effects, so they don't get redirected by Zen Meditation. I don't know what to suggest here, aside from maybe making Zen Meditation redirect x ticks/hits of magical damage against nearby allies that would hit for x% of their max health, or something.

Let's keep this constructive and positive, guys. Opinions? Criticisms?
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90 Pandaren Monk
I think you largely nailed it on the head. Couple things to add.

Tier stats and set bonuses: Currently tier has mastery all over it which would be fixed by a change to mastery. The bigger issue is that the set bonuses are not useful in comparison to other classes. I'd love to see one of the set bonuses increase the BoK DoT. Also would love to see 4 piece to affect tiger eye brew in some fashion.

Fists of fury: Something could be done here to make this ability better. I really dislike the fact that it splits damage over mobs evenly as it is zero benefit in 99% of situations. The aoe stun is fantastic though and I'm finding many uses for it.

Cleave issues: Monk dps is subpar on 2-4 mobs. We really shine in aoe when we get up to the 8-10 mob situations. I know you can't be the best at everything but we should not be doing our single target rotation when there are 3 mobs standing in front of us because everything else is a dps loss.
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100 Draenei Shaman
My main issues with WW are Fists of Fury rooting the player and GCD capping in the very first raid tier. If those were addressed I would probably switch mains.

It would be nice to get some sort of limited cleave. Nobody's asking for blade flurry or sweeping strikes-- WW doesn't need to compete with combat or arms, that's their niche.

But fury warriors can sub in Whirlwind and Cleave at two targets and cleave with Raging Blow as well. Ret paladins sub in Divine Storm for Templar's Verdict. Frost DKs prioritize Howling Blast higher. Enhance subs chain lightning for lightning bolt. These don't cleave all your damage, they aren't like combat or arms, but they do offer a damage increase and (just as importantly) a different ability priority with >1 but <4 targets. Changing up your priority like that is fun.
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90 Undead Monk
All good points from above posters, except for the suggestion to allow Fists of Fury while moving. I like the feel of it as is and I don't want it to be more mindless, just more useful.

I also want to add that Bloodlust is indeed depressing for a Windwalker. For most other classes, Bloodlust is an exciting time. It's happy happy go-go damage time.

I usually parse in top 5 consistently, but I never see myself in the top 10 for the first minute or so if we Bloodlust at the start.
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90 Undead Monk
You like not being able to move as melee?

Just goes to show you, you can always find someone to disagree.

The reason the stun exists and works the way it does is precisely because you can't move.

Right now the stun pulses with every tick. If they give us the ability to move, we could just get a speed boost and run around stunning everyone in arena or BG while channeling it. That would be retarded.

I like the fact that it requires skill to time it so that my class is less mindless and there's a higher skillcap. Helps set apart a good monk from a bad monk.
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