Level 25 Horde guild <La Costra Nostra> is forming a 10-man raid group to progress through current content, starting with MSV.

Need two dedicated heals, 2 tanks, and one or two more DPS wouldn't hurt. If one of the DPS can off-spec heal, that's even better. The raiding schedule is to be determined--dependent on our members of course--but we're looking at 1-2x per week on a regular basis. We'll try to find a time that works for everybody. At this point it's looking like Weds, Thurs, Sat & Sun evenings are good for a lot of people.

We are very friendly guild, pretty darn drama-free and everyone is very willing to help each other out. We're aiming for a balance between casual and cut-throat with the raid team, we expect people to be reliable, cap valor, do all the necessary reforges/gemming/enchanting and contribute the mats each week for food and flasks or else bring/buy your own... but we want it to be fun, too. Some of us have raided at-level before and others have not, but we would like to restrict it to players who are at least comfortable running LFR.

If interested, PST me (Bawsea) in-game or send mail. Otherwise you can respond to this post. Please let me know your availability, ilvl, experience, and so forth.

Edited by Bawsea on 12/7/2012 8:19 AM PST