Will destruction become extinct?

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It was not stealth nerfed!!!! We had been talking about the nerf for like a month before the patch. Yes everything was not in the notes, but the community was well aware of it.

The only thing that changed is if your have grim sac.....25% less burst, 25% dmg dot. The main downside is that the dots dont stack so you should be chain casting it without putting something in the middle.

While there are things I would like to see changed I have yet to feel real impact from the last patch to the negative. The other things that were added are super helpful, especially with ember generation.

The nerf itself was due to pvp. If there is a problem with the class or spec its not CB. The other spells frankly need to be better well rounded.
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12/07/2012 12:38 AMPosted by Dizeral
The only thing that changed is if your have grim sac.....25% less burst, 25% dmg dot. The main downside is that the dots dont stack so you should be chain casting it without putting something in the middle.

I thought the dots stack. I read that from one of the threads yesterday after someone confirmed it.
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I didnt think it did, though I havent tested it.

It is possible that it does way some bleeds used to do...stack but not show it stacked.

Either way I have tended to fel flame right after cast and the problem is solved.
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If you think destruction is bad i think your bad. 212k on 25 heroic elegon, ~115k on will of emperor 25.
Theres a difference between a spec being bad and a spec being played bad.
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Destro really pulls ahead when you can cast CB(or triple SB) with BoH on cooldown. Will, Garalon, Amber Shaper, Elegon and Tsu'long are among the best encounters for Destro.

Still, Destro could really use some single target help. Buffing Incinerate, Conflag or Immolate (or all of them) would help it keep up with Afflic. Failing that, they could just nerf Afflic.


I like destro as much as the next lock but do NOT just ASK for nerfs lol
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PS as far as I can see after just messing around on a dummy it all depends on your range from the boss, if you are close to the boss, pause for just a second in between back to back CB casts (without backdraft of course) and all three dots will tick. If you are at range, the travel time will make up for that pause.

under things like lust and in a raid situation you may want to throw an incin in between to be safe.

I use forte xorcist which doesnt seem to track the CB dot as it has not been updated since 5.1. So there is a possibility that it could stack and Im just not seeing it.

At close range back to back with no pause the second CB hit about the time the third tick should have gone off. I only saw the CB damage and the three ticks from the new CB. I saw no third tick from the first

of course the more I test the more the third tick DOES show up.
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Finding things tougher now without tab-dottable RBG's, hmm?

What? It's easier now if anything. Tunnelling damage into a single target isn't very difficult.

The difference, friend, is that Affliction takes no skill whatsoever in a non 3v3 environment, because there is no opportunity cost for your actions, which is what makes affliction difficult in the first place in 3v3.

The same also goes for low rated 3v3 games which is where the common man's frustration with affliction comes into play, they are justified in saying it's a skillless spec despite it having a history as one of the most skilled specs in the game from a 3v3 tournament player midnset.
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