Which class should I main?

5 Blood Elf Hunter
I'm planning to spend most of my gametime on PvP, mainly solo queue unrated BGs.
What class, and spec, should I main?

Here are some of the things I'm looking for,

- Tanky
- Melee, but not mandatory
- Good at 1v1
- Self sufficient, preferably in forms of healing
- Doesn't have to be easy to master

I'm thinking unholy DK, looks like they have solid damage, as well as survivability, and I think they bring a lot more utility than frost DK.

What do you guys think?
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90 Night Elf Druid
- Guardian druid
- Brewmaster monk
- Blood death knight
- Protection paladin
- Protection warrior

All tanks are melee. Duels (1v1) aren't balanced or even measured, so I'm not sure why that would matter for a class. All classes have self-heals so that doesn't narrow it down.

If you want more help with picking a class/spec, we'll need more details from you :D See this thread:
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71 Undead Warlock
personally, i have a frost/blood DK and i have this Demon Lock, i would chose the lock over the DK.

I know you said tanky, but with the glyph of Demon Hunting, you get a little more resilience if you chose to fight up in the grille versus at a caster distance, i do.

Dont get me wrong, i PVP my DK more, and I love the toon, but the lock is just a little better, and that may be a result of my leveling the lock for 66 levels, compared to the 15 on the DK (She's a 70).

This is just one mans opinion, and a very inexperienced one at that compared to some of the players that post here and i am sure you are aware of what people say about opinions.

good luck!!
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100 Worgen Mage
- Tanky
- Melee, but not mandatory
- Good at 1v1
- Self sufficient, preferably in forms of healing
- Doesn't have to be easy to master

That all smacks of "paladin" to me.
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64 Tauren Death Knight
Having a "main" seems to largely be a thing of the past.

Most people have a heap of characters, and enjoy them all.
There's no real reason to stick to one, especially now, with account-wide achievements/mounts/pets.

Don't restrict yourself to one character, pick a few from Icedragons list above, and play them all.. try them out.
If you don't like them, you're not obliged to continue to play them, and it will help you to further decide what you want.
(and it will also give you more of an idea of the class mechanics of others if you want to pvp)
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