<The Eh Team> Recruitment Thread

90 Human Mage

A brief synopsis:

<The Eh Team> is a casual fun-loving raiding guild. Our focus is strongly based on progression without the pressure of the more serious raiding guilds. We try to balance enjoying yourself in game (shocking!), real life commitments, and actual raiding results.

Our approach has led us to being the oldest 10 man guild on the server. The Late night team formed at the beginning of Ulduar, and has consistantly run 3 times a week since that time. We've had players come and go, but we've been fortunate to have limited turnover (still have 8 original members), and its rare for spots to open up. We've also typically been one of the stronger raiding teams on the server, progressing steadily through Heroics.

Both of our teams are currently recruiting now:

Kalindrakar's Team

Raids: Tues / Thurs / Sun from 8pm - 11pm server
Recruiting: Resto / Ele Shaman

Jcq / Chise's Team

Raids: Tues / Thurs / Sun from 1030pm - 130am server
Recruiting: A ranged DPS (Prefer Warlock)

A bit about our culture:

- We currently have 3 equal officers that share in all aspects of guild leadership. While we have a solid core of officers, we listen well and welcome feedback from everyone in the guild (besides Equnnix that is....)

- Although we have "Eh" in our name, we are not a Canadian guild =)

- Coming from a fraternity myself (albeit "the nerdy one"), we decided on making all new members go through "Pledging." As such, becoming a member involves going through a fairly entertaining (for us) pledge process, including a hell week and an Initiation night

- We've hosted multiple server-wide Gnome Marathons and have given away more than 35k gold in prizes! We're looking into creating a similar event twice a year

- Obviously, this is a game and real life comes first, so we don't have a requirement on making raids and such. We also don't take the yelling / hardcore approach (unless you're terrible and/or Shaamwoww)

- We have an active vent server (approx 15 people online a night) and a guild bank with all the space you would ever need (except when Dreamily fills the bank with acorns)

As you can tell, while we do put an emphasis on playing well, we put more emphasis on having fun and ensuring everyone fits into the guild just right. While the average raider in our guild is exceptionally well geared, gear is not a requirement (though having a personality is). We don't mind helping gear up a player if they would fit into the guild well.

If you're at all interested, please let me know. We don't have a formal application process, but if our current needs fit your skill set, we'd love to chat and see if this guild would be a good fit. This usually means talking with you in vent a bit and taking you on a variety of raids. This process generally takes two weeks.

Please post here or visit our website for more information (theehteam.wowstead.com). You can also whisper either myself, Chise, or Kalindrakar in game.


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90 Human Priest
We also have a new video thread full of recent kills!


Enjoy the terrible music and sub-par dps :)
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90 Worgen Priest
My bumps, my bumps, my lovely Worgen bumps!

wait wut!

Also a plus if your the type to make fun of our mages on a very consistent basis!
Being that there are only 2 mage mains in our guild its really cool when they play nekkid paddy cakes out by the Stormwind lighthouse!
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90 Night Elf Druid
Damn joo Jcq! Why do you have to be looking for a healer when I retire my drood!?
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90 Human Paladin
Good news, everybody! The Eh Team is recruiting again!

This time, team late is in need of a ranged DPS... preferably one with a healer off-spec, such as a Shaman. We're full on druids and paladins as it is... but we never turn down a good opportunity. If you know somebody, or you are that somebody, please don't hesitate to reach out to me via in-game mail, or just whisper me for more details!

Our raid times are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 10:30pm to 1:30am EST.
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90 Orc Shaman
Are you guys still recruiting at all? I'm thinking about moving back to this realm. I can make that raid schedule 95% of the time.

I know a couple people in the guild. I'd use Magic as a reference but that isn't saying much.

Resto/Ele Shaman
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90 Dwarf Hunter
02/19/2013 10:53 AMPosted by Ashestorm
I'm thinking about moving back to this realm.

For the love of god stay away. This place is dying faster than the participants of Celebrity Rehab.
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90 Human Paladin
Are you guys still recruiting at all? I'm thinking about moving back to this realm. I can make that raid schedule 95% of the time.

I know a couple people in the guild. I'd use Magic as a reference but that isn't saying much.

Resto/Ele Shaman

We are indeed still recruiting! Stop in any time and check us out.

For those who haven't checked, our progression is currently 2/6 Heroic on Mogu'shan Vaults, and the rest of Tier 14 cleared on Normal. We're continuing to make headway, and intend to keep a full raid schedule all the way through to the release of Throne of Thunder!

Oh, and @Bledwarf... indeed, the realm isn't quite like it's glory days (if Arygos ever had a glory day), but giving up doesn't make it any better, now does it? :P
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90 Human Priest
02/19/2013 10:53 AMPosted by Ashestorm
I'd use Magic as a reference

I have friends?
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60 Human Death Knight
I just want an honest answer. Is this guild named after that song by Ed Sheeran?

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88 Human Warrior
Looking for a new home for my new main, you guys always recruiting?
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