<IMPROVISE> of Windrunner. An adult raid group, looking for skilled players with impeccable attendance records. We are revamping our core group. Previously a semi-casual raiding guild we are focused on progression and want to move along quickly. Though we have able players we've suffered from inconsistency and have only gotten a good six raid nites in since MoP without having to pug or call it resulting 2/16N. Frustrating! Consistency is key. We are looking for committed raiders. Our raid nites are W/F but subject to change (M/F) depending on what works best for the group. We raid 6-9pm pst. Mumble, DKP system, raiders are provided w/food, flasks & repairs. Fill out app at http://improviseguild.guildlaunch.com, reply to this thread or email me at greekfairie@gmail.com. You can also meet the group and check out a little mogu'shan vaults action at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WnpbXAKhNQ to get an idea of our raid style, members and sense of humor.