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So a little back story I used to be in Average joes with a few friends we left because of a lot of reasons that i wont be posting, we ended up taking 6 people that all felt the same, since then we have not talked to the other guild except when they make level 1 characters and come trash talk us. they are a 25m guild that has just cleared 6/6 HoF before us(we heard this a lot from some of their toons). anyway the gm gets on a lvl 25 mage named coldspell and ./w me after 2 of our members left to go back to them, for whatever the reason. i thought i would post the convo here. Everything is verbatim from what he said to me and what i said back.

Our guild is 5/6 HoF
Average joes 6/6 HoF

Coldspell: U a raiding guild?
Psychotyc: Yes
Coldspell:u looking for people?
Coldspell: do u have enough people for raid?
Coldspell:its ok. u can say it.
Psychotyc:2 10 man at the moment group one is 6 dps 2 heals 2 tanks same for group 2
Coldspell:494 geared tank here
Coldspell: Rawkiller
Psychotyc:=) Hi ya!
Coldspell:I am not 494. I am 492
Psychotyc:can you dps too?
Psychotyc:can you pull your sim'd numbers?
Coldspell:i blow them up nikkah
Coldspell:hows raid?
Psychotyc:good now
Coldspell:why now?
Psychotyc:replaced a couple of people and now we are better off
Coldspell:who did u replace?
Psychotyc: tarthas and mallie
Coldspell:why, they bad?
Psychotyc:no they were good just had better geared players we wanted to bring but didnt want to replace them, so when they left we got lucky, plus mallie kept !@#$ing up on amber shaper
Coldspell:yeah..knuckz tanking?
Coldspell:hows that going
Coldspell:yeah, still leaving raid early
Psychotyc:nope he got his stuff changed
Coldspell:did u guys kick them?
Coldspell:why did anseum leave
Psychotyc:he didnt?
Coldspell:yeah, he just did
Coldspell:coming back to average Joes
Coldspell:sucks eh
Psychotyc:not really if they want to go its their choice
Psychotyc:there are a lot of people that want to raid
Psychotyc:not hard to find replacements wow isnt going anywhere
Coldspell:its ok :) Watching silvius crash and burn is worth it
Coldspell:to bad that isnt true
Psychotyc:crash and burn?
Coldspell:your guild is fail.
Coldspell:you lost your best players
Psychotyc:we did?
Coldspell:i see your progress
Coldspell:is bad
Psychotyc:i am having lots of fun with this guild
Psychotyc:nice group of people i like to raid and pvp with
Coldspell:if being dead last is what you like you should feel grrreeeat
Psychotyc:dead last?
Coldspell:owell, send silvius my love
Coldspell:tell him what comes around goes around
Psychotyc:comes around goes around?
Psychotyc:you guys have it all wrong LOL
Psychotyc:its like you thing we left to hurt you
Psychotyc:we just left because of the people in the fuild
Psychotyc:i could care less if we left with 2 people or your entire raid
Psychotyc:it means nothing
Psychotyc:people like you coming here trying to start %^-* and failing
Psychotyc:is why i left
Psychotyc:i didnt leave because silvius is my freind
Psychotyc:i left because he isnt a @%%!%##* to me
Psychotyc:if you cant grasp that then you are more dumb then i thought.

anseum never left the other two did :( we wish you good luck.

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Less people care about this than when Cretus left IWC.
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you seem

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I <3 Anseum
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Sometimes bad things happen to bad people.

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pve drama....lololololol
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Oh you kids bickering about your normal mode kills and progression. Hahaha
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12/07/2012 08:39 AMPosted by Pandacafe
pve drama....lololololol

The whole Who Sucks More drama between IWC and former IWC is pretty lololololol as well.
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12/08/2012 02:03 PMPosted by Kenokost
pve drama....lololololol

The whole Who Sucks More drama between IWC and former IWC is pretty lololololol as well.

Dat !@#$s hilarious!
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the guy above me made me hungry
Edited by Rubytankjake on 12/8/2012 7:03 PM PST
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12/08/2012 02:03 PMPosted by Kenokost
pve drama....lololololol

The whole Who Sucks More drama between IWC and former IWC is pretty lololololol as well.

I covered this in the first comment, pay attention Keno.
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Sad story bro, sad story.
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