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Hi everyone!

I recently got back into WoW after a 2 year hiatus (holy moly, things changed) and would like to get back into RPing again. I did request to join a few guilds, but was told only after doing so that no one checks those requests, so I thought I might come on here and see if anyone is willing to take on my character.

I'm level 45 (I had a few other high levelled characters but they have, "mysteriously" disappeared - I am assuming someone took their gold and items and deleted them) and am trying my best to cap but I do get sidetracked sometimes. I'd really love to join a fun and friendly RP guild and make some new friends :) Please let me know if you are interested.
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Welcome back. Yes a lot has changed and leveling is way easier now. Good luck!!
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I'd like to preface the following post with this statement: I have not played on Sentinels in about a year, much less Horde Side.

That said, pre-MoP your best bet at finding an RP guild would have been to transfer to a different server (Wyrmrest Accord being the popular pick). Ever since MoP came out, a bunch more activity has been going on; so, your mileage may vary. I wish I could point out a guild or a thread in particular that might interest you but I don't have the sufficient knowledge to make a proper recommendation.

In regards to the loss of your characters, you were likely hacked. An authenticator is the best method to prevent this sort of thing, and I highly recommend you getting one if you can. I got mine about three, maybe inching on four years ago and have not been hacked since.
(Unrelatedly, my authenticator still has that protective plastic on it that you are supposed to remove. I like to keep that stuff on so the things last longer and it's still holding in there. I just thought I'd share this with you because you seem like a pretty cool person and I feel bad about not actually giving relevant information. I hope this information about my authenticator has been informative for you, regardless.)
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I would add something to what Sin said. If your characters were deleted, there is a possibility they may be recoverable, especially if they were higher level. They would likely still have no gear or gold, but sometimes that is better than having to get all the way back up to level cap.

Definitely make sure your account is secure now. If they got in while you were away, they have that account information and they don't "lose" it. One of the best options short of the Authenticator and SMS notification is to create a brand new email account, one you will only ever use for Battle.Net and change your account to that. That is good protection because it pretty much eliminates their knowledge of your account name to even try to gain access. In addition, once you get it changed over, any emails to the old address claiming to be from Blizzard become obvious phishes.
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Thanks so much guys. That really helps a lot. I might eventually try and get back my characters but I do like my current character and I think i'll focus on her first. I will definitely get that authenticator, too. :)

I'm thinking of moving to a server with more people when I cap. Iunno, maybe. We shall see. :)
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