As a melee, how this is acceptable?

I had a friend log onto his mage to throw a blanket silence on me, then snapped this screenshot:

All of the buttons on those bars are abilities that I make use of often. There was a long 'discussion' on the topic of totems becoming susceptible to silences/interrupts, but I think some people didn't quite understand how much this affects the spec.

As a melee being silenced, I've lost my ability to:
-Slow a target or targets
-Use critical defensive abilities such as Tremor Totem, Grouding Totem, Shamanistic Rage
-Use any form of crowd control such as Hex or Capacitor Totem
-Use critical offensive totems or abilities such as Searing/Fire Elemental Totem and Ascendance
-Use any of my utility abilities such as Purge, Windwalk Totem, and off-heals

As a caster, I can understand most of these things being made unavailable during a silence or interrupt. I also understand that Shamans have two different caster-oriented specs. As a melee though, I cannot see this being reasonable. I have 4 out of 30 abilities available to me during a silence.

If we're going to be designed as casters, then give us the basic survival tools available to all other casters, ones that can be used while silenced. If we're going to be designed as melee, then don't give us the weaknesses of casters on top of the melee weaknesses.

So, let's ask the question one more time. Do you think this is an acceptable state for a melee spec to be in while silenced?

As a bonus, here is some pro MS Painting to demonstrate my feelings after reading all 1500 posts in the 76 page thread regarding the matter:
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I would love to hear your thoughts on this. You seem to be interested in the subject.
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90 Worgen Rogue
Just curious, if a silence stops you from using twenty six abilities, does that mean a disarm only stops you from using four?
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90 Pandaren Monk
Pretty much every hybrid is locked out of their CD's when silenced ignoring Barkskin and Divine Shield. DPS Shaman definitely didn't need a nerf, but their buffs should be focused at buffing both dps specs specifically rather than just reverting the change.
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It's a silence. It's supposed to take away your ability to use skills unless you trinket out of them. The same thing happens if you silence a warrior, a dk, or even another mage.

Out of the three classes you listed, only one was a valid argument in this context. Warriors are affected very little, if at all, from silences. Mages are clearly casters and should be subject to the weaknesses of casters. If disarming Mages made it so that they could not cast the vast majority of their spells, how well do you think they would handle that? I don't imagine it would sit too well with them.

Unfortunately, I do not have an good solution to this problem and I can fully appreciate the difficulty in balancing a melee/caster hybrid, but this current state is not very reasonable given the amount of silences available at the moment. What I hope to gain here is a broader range of opinions from outside of the Enhancement Shaman community on the issue of shutting down a melee with silences.
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12/07/2012 01:03 AMPosted by Kallìk
Pretty much every hybrid is locked out of their CD's when silenced ignoring Barkskin and Divine Shield. DPS Shaman definitely didn't need a nerf, but their buffs should be focused at buffing both dps specs specifically rather than just reverting the change.

Specifically regarding Shamans, I do agree that the recent changes were supposed to be directed at Restoration, unfortunately they had collateral effects on the dps specs. I would have liked to see more localized nerf to specific abilities, rather than just a blanket change. It felt very lazy.

If we're talking hybrids in general, you cannot discount those abilities as they are at the core of this discussion. An Enhancement Shaman has access to none of his damage reduction abilities during a silence. Barkskin, Divine Shield and Dispersion are examples of mana-using hybrid defensive cooldowns which are usable while silenced.
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90 Pandaren Monk
I tend to toss Divine Shield out since it is a paladin's all in one button. Last resort damage reduction / CC break button. Barkskin while silenced, in the way things are set up may be a bit out of date with the way things are but I'm hoping we'll see some decent PvP changes in 5.2.

Not sure why Enh can't Sham Rage during silences, but I lose access to all of my cooldowns but fort brew when silenced. If things stay as they are I'd be all for Enh using Sham rage during silences, Elemental Shaman getting their old Astral Shift back, if deemed needed with some short ICD of 10 seconds or so (change either the current AS or just bring back the old one and call it Elemental Warding since that is gone these days and it seems they're fine with reusing the names of old abilities.
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91 Dwarf Warrior
Quick, Unleash Elements on him!

Or that other thing (what is that, Stormstrike? Haven't played enhance in forever)
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90 Pandaren Shaman
It's acceptable because restoration is good.
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